Monitor, Measure, and Manage Customer Experience in Real Time with ITvisibility

Real-time, network-wide analysis of service quality and IT infrastructure management optimizes e-business, reduces customer churn

MARLBOROUGH, MASS., July 26, 2004-Adlex today announced ITvisibilityT, a new solution enabling enterprises to directly measure the IT service levels experienced by all users of all applications all of the time. By using these real-time measurements to improve the application experience of every customer and employee, IT departments can be far more effective at supporting strategic business goals such as increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

"Success in IT ultimately is measured by the end-user experience with a particular business service," said Brian Fitzgerald, program manager responsible for Business Services Management at Allmerica Financial. "Adlex's technology gives us a window into our customers' network world so we know what they are experiencing with our Web-based business services -- in real-time. It gives us the ability to preempt a situation before it becomes a problem, or to be proactive in alerting our customers to a potential problem."

Unlike performance tools that are specific to Web applications or simply estimate application performance using traffic samples, ITvisibility delivers a comprehensive, real-time analysis of usage, availability, and performance for all users, applications, and network and IT infrastructure. ITvisibility is the only solution today that delivers actual performance metrics for managing application service delivery across the entire public and private IT and network infrastructure, from Web servers in the data center, through the corporate LAN, Internet and out to the end-user. It then stores these metrics for reporting, historical trending or to detect anomalies against those trends. Deep analysis of service level problems accelerates their isolation and resolution. ITvisibility is an entirely passive, auto-learning solution that introduces no extraneous network traffic and is simple to deploy and manage from a central location in a network.

Current tools try to discern application performance and customer experience by using synthetic traffic, statistical samples, scraping server logs or polling infrastructure devices at various time intervals. Because these solutions only collect and statistically correlate element data or test application response time with synthetic agents, IT departments are left to infer or estimate service quality and customer experience. Unlike Adlex, these methods fail to measure the actual experience of every user in real-time.

"Today, synthetic testing of Web transactions is the accepted method for comparative benchmarking of popular Web sites. However, the Adlex approach of measuring real transaction data for each individual user is quickly becoming equally important," said Eric Siegel, senior analyst, Burton Group. "It can provide IT departments with instant notification of application performance problems and is especially effective for those that were unanticipated and therefore would not have been scripted. It also provides analysis of back-end database queries and the historical information IT departments need for effective diagnosis."

"Adlex provides an innovative approach that federates visibility into network and application infrastructure allowing companies to achieve higher levels of service delivery quality and tapping into the trend toward ensuring better customer experience. By providing federated infrastructure metrics, Adlex's ITvisibility solution empowers companies to closer align IT with business objectives without exorbitant IT budgets," said Jeffrey Nudler of Enterprise Management Associates.

Service Delivery Management and ITvisibility

For the first time, ITvisibility provides IT departments with views into Web applications, corporate IP-based applications, back-end databases and data center infrastructure. Adlex simplifies and automates tasks such as verifying service level commitments, detecting traffic anomalies (such as worms and other attacks), tracking subscriber usage, discovering inappropriate use, intercepting illegal traffic and delivering enhanced customer care. The hardware and software components of ITvisibility include:

  • Collection and Measurement - Passive Listening Devices (PLDs), scaling in capacity from 50 Mbps to 1Gbps, non-intrusively attach to the network to collect and analyze service and application data.

  • Centralized Data Warehouse - Collects and stores measurements and network data from PLDs for reporting, data mining and historical trending.

  • Analysis and Reporting - Application modules for the Report Servers provide real-time or historical analysis of usage, availability and performance for users, locations, servers, applications or Web pages by individual, group or the total base of users.

With this comprehensive, real-time view of the IT infrastructure, enterprises can also use ITvisibility's Fault Domain Isolation capabilities to efficiently pinpoint the locations and scope of emerging network performance and availability problems, quickly deploy the appropriate IT resource and drastically reduce the mean-time-to-repair or even solve the issue before it impacts a customer's experience.

ITvisibility is available now with prices dependent on the size and configuration of the network and the application modules required.

About Adlex

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