Opsware's Satellite Appliance Simplifies Remote Server Automation

Sunnyvale, CA – July 27, 2004 -- Opsware Inc. today announced that the Opsware Satellite technology available with Opsware System 4.5 is now optionally available as an Appliance. Announced in May 2004, the Opsware Satellite is the first IT automation system to bring data center quality of service to remote servers, regardless of physical location. The new Opsware Satellite Appliance provides IT organizations the Satellite technology pre-installed on a Linux server, reducing hardware procurement time and hassle and quickly and easily bringing small clusters of servers located at remote locations under Opsware management. Servers can be administered through a centrally managed console, reducing dependence on technical staff at each remote location.

The Satellite Appliance is ideal for IT organizations with servers located across numerous remote locations such as branch offices, retail outlets, and other points of presence. For such organizations, the Satellite Appliance brings unmatched simplicity and cost savings.

“Remote servers are the dark matter of IT, in some organizations making up the majority of managed servers. Until recently, these servers have been unable to benefit from advances in data center management automation,” said Tim Howes, CTO and EVP of Development at Opsware Inc. “Since introducing the Opsware Satellite, we’ve seen an increased demand for the technology. The Opsware Satellite Appliance further simplifies the procurement and installation process for customers.”

A Linux-based, single CPU server, the Opsware Satellite Appliance allows enterprises, service providers, and government agencies to manage small clusters of servers that are common in several industries such as telecommunications, retail, financial services, IT service providers and the defense and intelligence sectors. Unlike typical software distribution solutions that "blast bits" onto desktops and servers, Opsware automation manages the complete server and application lifecycle for complex, heterogeneous environments. The Opsware Satellite Appliance, allows customers to automatically provision, patch, configure, secure, change, scale, audit, recover, consolidate, migrate, and reallocate remote servers and applications, even over low- bandwidth connections. Opsware Satellite Appliance will be generally available in September.

Availability of the Opsware Satellite Appliance will announced at a later date. About Opsware Inc.

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