Network Management Software Monitors RAID Storage Devices

Accordance and AdventNet system utilizes SNMP to alert operators instantly of disk drive failures to protect data and ensure continuous operations.

DES MOINES, Iowa, August 5, 2004 – Accordance Systems and AdventNet today announced the availability of the ARAID™ Network Management System to monitor the ARAID family of RAID storage devices across local area networks and the Internet. The integrated software system is comprised of the Accordance ARAID SNMP agent and the AdventNet OpManager 5 for use on networked computers and enterprise servers to alert operators of disk failure and operation status. Instant notification allows administrators to correct storage issues while the RAID system is running and assures 100% data integrity of the system.

“The ARAID Network Management System is the first enterprise monitoring solution for PC class RAID devices”, says Steve Johnson, president of Accordance Systems. “The ARAID SNMP agent and the AdventNet NMS software enables users to see storage vulnerabilities and fix them before any data is lost.”

Accordance Systems created its ARAID SNMP agent for its ARAID family of RAID storage product and the leading AdventNet OpManager 5. The ARAID family consists of operating system independent PATA (IDE) and SATA RAID disk arrays for PCs, network attached storage and servers. The units support RAID 1 and RAID 0 and can be plugged into any PATA and SATA storage interface without adding system device drivers or hardware. Each ARAID device looks and acts as a single disk drive to the computer and can be attached to any PC independent of operating system.

OpManager 5 provides a complete network management system that proactively monitors and manages the health of business-specific and mission-critical enterprise infrastructures. The console monitors all components on a network and presents them in intuitive graphical interface. The OpManager system will recognize all SNMP traps from the ARAID device and alert administrators of:

  • disk error

  • fan error

  • device overheat

  • new disk inserted

  • disk rebuild progress

  • system fatal error

“Company’s live and die on the availability and the integrity of their data”, says Mani Vembu, AdventNet Director of Marketing. “OpManager 5 with ARAID SNMP MIBs provides critical storage data storage information when you need it so you can correct any limiting situations so you can continue operations uninterrupted”.

List price for ARAID™ Network Management System Professional Edition is $795 and the Free Edition ARAID™ Network Management System is available at no charge. Both versions include the ARAID SNMP Agent and AdventNet OpManager Network Management System configured with the ARAID SNMP MIB. These products and the rest of Accordance product family of IDE, SCSI, NAS and Micro-Servers RAID storage products can be purchased on line at the Accordance website at: About Accordance

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