Fiorano Releases Fastest JMS Server in Middleware Market

FioranoMQ 7.5 achieves performance up to 10 times faster than competition

Los Gatos, CA, August 26, 2004 – Fiorano Software Inc. today announced the release of FioranoMQ 7.5, the high performance version of their leading JMS product. The latest version provides enhanced performance for both Pub/Sub and PTP messaging, new administration tool, flexible flow control options and many more features. By offering this range of performance and functionality, Fiorano extended its leadership position in the messaging middleware market by an order of magnitude.

In lab tests, FioranoMQ 7.5 consistently outperformed all other popular JMS vendors for both persistent and non-persistent style of messages.

“FioranoMQ 7.5 yields 2 to 10 times more throughput than Sonic MQ 6.0, using the tests developed by Sonic themselves, even while keeping the latency significantly lower,” said Atul Saini, CEO & CTO, Fiorano Software. “What is even more interesting is that the performance advantage of FioranoMQ increases with increasing Broker Load,” he added.

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Major enhancements in FioranoMQ 7.5 include:

  • Performance Enhancements -- FioranoMQ's support for topics and queues has been further enhanced to maximize throughput while minimizing latency. With FioranoMQ 7.5, the overall throughput of messages was increased between two to 12 times as compared to its predecessor FioranoMQ 7.2 while cutting down latency by an average of 50%.

  • Flexible Flow Control -- The new version provides further flexibility in controlling message flow within the MQ server, from "no loss" to "drop oldest undelivered message" for non-persistent messages.

  • New Administration Studio -- FioranoMQ 7.5 introduces a powerful administration tool for managing entire network of MQ servers setup in cluster mode or distributed across a WAN. This tool has abilities for self-healing (by auto-loading patches from Fiorano's distribution centre) and auto-upgrading to newer releases and features.

  • HTTP/HTPPS Support in C# runtime -- Continuing further improvements of .NET support, FioranoMQ 7.5 now includes support for both HTTP as well as HTTPS transports for native C#.Net library showing an increased commitment towards .NET world.

Complete FioranoMQ 7.5 product release notes can be downloaded from


FioranoMQ 7.5 is available immediately. Existing customers should contact their sales rep or e-mail for upgrades. An evaluation version can be downloaded at: