Cohesion 3.0 Manages Infrastructure Change, Configuration, and Compliance

MOUNTAIN VIEW-September 20, 2004 -- Cendura today announced the release of Cohesion 3.0 which delivers proactive, policy-based change, configuration and compliance management across complex, distributed enterprise infrastructures.

Cohesion 3.0 provides IT service management personnel with an integrated way to automatically discover and track applications, create policies, compare and audit actual systems against reference systems, and manage change and configurations for hundreds of applications and services across the enterprise.

"As enterprise applications become increasingly distributed and complex, IT organizations recognize the need for platforms that deliver automated change, configuration and compliance right out-of-the-box," said Corey Ferengul, Sr. Vice President, META Group. "Successful IT organizations in the future will be those that use an integrated framework and data store for tracking application configurations and related changes, capturing best practices, and aligning business priorities across process, operations, and infrastructure."

Cohesion is employed at Global 2000 IT organizations who use it to simplify change management, correct application configuration drift, ensure audit and compliance, enable migration and consolidation planning, accelerate proactive forensics, and intelligently configure services for dynamic IT environments -- all from a secure and conveniently accessible Web-based portal.

"Customers quickly realize quantifiable return on investment from Cohesion and increased efficiency through automation," said Rick McEachern, Chief Marketing Officer, Cendura. "Automating IT control processes provides assurance that regulatory compliance is accurate, release management is efficient, configuration changes are consistent, mean-time-to-repair is reduced and efficiency is increased through auto-detection and correction. All of this contributes to ensuring that revenue-generating applications are stable and available."

Cohesion 3.0 includes the following new functionality:

  • Intelligent Configuration Management: Some vendors narrowly define configuration management as the collection of configuration information and the ability to report on it. Cohesion 3.0 debuts the industry's first ICM (Intelligent Configuration Management) engine, providing all levels of active change and configuration management. More than simply reporting when changes occur, ICM enables true on-the-spot problem correction and management across a heterogeneous infrastructure.

  • Policy-Based Compliance: Cohesion allows IT to audit, report on, and change any settings that are not compliant with pre-established policies. Leveraging the 4,000 rules in the Best Practices Database, IT can run policies that govern performance, security, regulatory and standards compliance, and with complete customization abilities. %%Service Management Database: The Cohesion Suite 3.0 is built on an open Service Management Database (SMDB), consisting of an advanced Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Best Practices Database, and a Business Services Database. This information allows IT to efficiently deliver release management audits, migration and consolidation planning, business continuity planning, troubleshooting, and incident resolution.

  • Progressive Auto Discovery: Cohesion automatically discovers enterprise application components and dependencies. A progressive discovery process provides an intuitive way to seamlessly transition from agentless mode* to agent mode when more information or control is needed.

  • Business Service Management: Cohesion collects information needed to run IT as a business -departments, business processes, owners, locations, and costs so that IT resources can be viewed and managed along lines of business.

  • Automated Application Management: Cohesion delivers immediate value with over 130 commercial application Blueprints supported covering 90% of an enterprise's application infrastructure (databases, Web servers, application servers, messaging systems, and networking devices) on platforms for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP/UX.

  • Custom Applications: Cohesion is the only application infrastructure management tool that offers an easy-to-use, powerful Blueprint Builder that enables IT organizations to model and control proprietary applications and components.

  • Snapshot Repository: Cohesion can create a series of saved "snapshots", creating historical records regarding the state of the application over days, months, and years. Snapshots can be used for compliance and systems recovery, and comparing snapshots provides useful information in migration and consolidation planning.

  • Dependency Visualization: Visual maps illustrate the relationship between IT assets including application asset dependency, business asset relationships (i.e. sales application depends on financial application and each is owned by different departments), and physical plant layout. (Agentless Discovery and Dependency Visualization will be available in November.)

  • Open API: All capabilities of the Cohesion Engine are accessible to other enterprise applications through standards-based and flexible APIs, allowing developers and systems integrators to create custom adapters to a variety of back-end systems. Existing adherence connectors provide integration for BMC Patrol and HP Openview.

Cohesion, version 3.0, is available today. Pricing is determined by each customer's infrastructure configuration, number of servers managed, and the expansion modules selected. To learn more about Cohesion 3.0, visit To arrange a demo, call (866) 263-3911 or email

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