Kalido Launches New Adaptive Enterprise Data Warehousing Suite

KALIDO 8 brings speed, agility, and strength to enterprise data warehousing to enhance performance management throughout business change

Burlington, Mass. and London, UK, 27 September 2004 - Kalido has launched the KALIDO® 8 application suite designed to eliminate the "frequently unanswered questions" Global 2000 management executives constantly have about the performance of their complex and ever-changing companies. KALIDO 8 offers an advanced solution for providing vital performance management information rapidly and throughout business change. It is also the first enterprise data warehousing solution that enables business people to collaboratively manage corporate master data for more accurate performance reporting.

Unlike KALIDO 8, custom-built and ERP data warehouses typically take as many as 12-18 months to implement, are costly to change, and can struggle to consolidate disparate data from multiple operational systems. As a result, the past, current and predicted performance across the enterprise is unclear, leaving executives with frequently unanswered questions such as: "Why are product margins falling if sales volumes are rising?" and "How would merging two divisions affect costs?" In addition, the lack of consolidated information impedes the organization's ability to adhere to regulatory compliance.

In contrast, KALIDO 8 automates the creation and lifecycle management of enterprise data warehouses and associated master data for builds in 75 percent less time (typically 2-5 months), rapid adaptation to changes and 55 percent lower maintenance costs. This speed and agility enables companies to quickly derive true, actionable responses to "What is," "What was," and "What will be" types of questions even throughout major business transformation such as mergers, reorganizations and market consolidation. This groundbreaking approach enables companies to improve compliance initiatives as well as derive millions of dollars in incremental business opportunities by acting upon the clearer enterprise information provided.

New KALIDO 8 functionality includes Web-based master-data management, improved support for very large KALIDO data warehouses, and a preview edition of a KALIDO Visual Modeler. These enterprise-strength data warehousing capabilities provide improved performance reporting integrity as well as the ability to implement very large, single instance and federated (linked) data warehouses without any considerable performance degradation.

Well-managed master data such as products, customers, suppliers, and brands provides a consistent context against which business performance is measured in the data warehouse. However, many companies struggle to reconcile master data because it is duplicated or conflicts across multiple source systems. KALIDO 8 introduces a unique, workflow-driven solution to this problem that enables business people to collaboratively harmonize, manage and authorize master data from their web browsers. KALIDO 8 stores the information in a master data warehouse, from which it is delivered to data warehouses and other analytic and operational systems resulting in more accurate and consistent business performance reporting.

Through architectural enhancements, KALIDO 8 further extends its support for large-scale data warehousing, allowing individual instances to scale to tens of terabytes in size. Whether customers expand a single data warehouse or link multiple data warehouses through federation, KALIDO 8 provides the most cost-effective industry option for scaling data warehousing across the enterprise while keeping central and local views of business performance well-reconciled.

KALIDO 8 includes a preview edition of a new Visual Modeler, designed to enrich and simplify the creation and validation of business model representations in the data warehouse. It is the first graphical tool to integrate master data into business model visualization, thereby making models very easy for business people to understand, validate, and exchange with IT teams.

The KALIDO 8 application suite is offered in three editions aligned with how Global 2000 companies deploy data warehousing solutions. KALIDO 8M is a master-data warehousing solution for harmonizing, storing, and managing business reference data. KALIDO 8E is an enterprise data warehousing solution for creating and maintaining data warehouses and associated master data. KALIDO 8E+ is a federated data warehousing solution for deploying and linking multiple enterprise data warehouses and their master data.

Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, The Data Warehousing Institute, noted: "Many current master data management applications focus on matching, movement, and mapping technologies. Few focus on empowering end-users in a workflow process to edit and manage master data on a continuous basis in support of data warehouses. This is a major focus of KALIDO 8. As such, it plays a key role in any enterprise data warehousing solution."