Blue Vector Releases First Network-Based RFID Solution for Supply Chain Management

Appliance-based architecture provides cost-effective RFID implementation

Mountain View, Calif. September 29, 2004 Blue Vector Systems announced its ability to RFID-enable supply chain management using the industry's first network-based approach. The Blue Vector solution enables centralized management and operations by providing a global view of the entire RFID network with the ability to control and modify RFID business processes across the supply-chain.

Blue Vector's unique appliance-based building-blocks approach allows companies to cost-effectively deploy RFID implementations that can be smoothly migrated from small and simple implementations to complex implementations with large footprints. The dedicated appliances are easy to maintain and manage remotely from a centralized management and configuration dashboard.

Blue Vector's NetAspect Weaver(TM) technology makes the entire infrastructure rapidly reconfigurable, making it possible for supply chains to effectively manage business-process, technology and standard changes in real-time. Disruptions to the supply-chain, such as recalls, can now be easily handled and incorporated into the RFID infrastructure, allowing for much more efficient management of these disruptions. The ability to reconfigure also protects the users' investment as it easily incorporates new standards, new enterprise software systems and compliance mandates.

The network-oriented approach to RFID implementation enables the same RFID infrastructure to be used across multiple business processes. This approach allows interactions between processes that might not have been easily possible before. For example, the transportation management systems and the warehouse management systems can now be linked to each other at the RFID infrastructure layer, and communicate information with each other in real-time through RFID based events. Companies can leverage RFID data across many different enterprise IT systems, thus leveraging all the investment that has been made in supply-chain software over the past decade.

About Blue Vector Systems

Blue Vector Systems is a sensor-based RFID distributed computing systems company focused on reducing implementation costs and operational complexities for its customers. For more information, visit