Metatomix Delivers mtx ERI Platform for Enterprise Resource Interoperability

First solution to encompass integration, correlation, and automation for real- time, enterprise-wide understanding of data and resources

WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 5 -- Metatomix(TM), Inc. today announced the release of the industry's first bi-directional Java platform for integration, correlation, and policy-based automation -- the mtx ERI Platform. Metatomix's ERI platform provides targeted solutions for operational risk management, capacity optimization, event correlation, and homeland security/emergency preparedness. Leveraging existing enterprise resources, the mtx ERI Platform delivers users the most up-to-date relevant information while enabling enterprises and government agencies to improve efficiency and response through policy-based automation. This advanced capability is enabling customers, such as the Florida State Supreme Court, to experience efficiencies and cost savings at unprecedented levels.

"With our new mtx ERI Platform, we are able to leverage Semantic Web technologies to create a virtual single system view of data from any number and type of disparate data sources, efficiently filtering out the relevant information based on the policies and rules of the business," said Bob Angelo, CEO and Chairman, Metatomix, Inc. "By processing only the information that is critical, our node based architecture scales effortlessly."

Metatomix solutions are well suited for organizations where the ability to access disparate data, understand its relevance, and respond in a rapid and efficient manner is a business imperative, specifically in financial services and the public sector. Demand by customers to have real-time relevant views with the ability to automate system responses is proving critical in order to mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and maximize business efficiency. Initial efforts by IT organizations to create an interoperable environment to support these demands have been targeted at traditional integration methods and data warehouse technologies. As a result, the rigidity, lack of information context and ongoing support required to develop and maintain these systems has resulted in limited success.

"The new Semantic Web-based ERI platform allows Metatomix and its partners to build systems faster, find critical information more efficiently and provide automated rules-based responses not available in any other technology on the market today," said Angelo. "Our run-time distributable platform supports instantaneous change, which means that new data sources, rules, and policies can be added without re-engineering the system."

Integration, Correlation and Automation Methods

Based on the Semantic Web's Resource Description Framework (RDF) and a central ontology framework -- two technologies recommended by the W3C for commercial-grade data integration -- the mtx ERI Platform is the only interoperability platform that enables enterprises and government agencies to leverage node-based data integration, distributable across an entire network, for unprecedented data interoperability. The mtx ERI Platform combines scalability, reliability, and extensibility with the power of the Semantic Web to create complete resource interoperability. This new platform addresses the three major issues facing IT organizations in their response to customer demands: the ability to integrate disparate structured and unstructured information sources; the need to correlate relevant information streams to provide greater understanding and actionable insight; and the ability to apply business-driven policies capable of automating system functionality and response.

About Metatomix's ERI Platform

Metatomix delivers solutions through the implementation and advancement of standards based technologies in a commercially available platform. The mtx ERI Platform is hardware-platform independent and can integrate and correlate data from virtually any structured or unstructured networked data source. Building upon those standards resulted in a technology platform ideal for integrating heterogeneous environments, correlating relevant events and data, and automating system functionality and response quickly and cost effectively, through the innovations of our Semantic Web technology. The resulting solutions maximize utilization of enterprisewide information to provide dramatic improvements in efficiency.

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