Sunopsis Releases Open Connector for LDAP

SQL access to LDAP directories extends the value of data stored in LDAP directories and enhances enterprise data integration capabilities

Burlington, Mass. -- October 12, 2004 -- Sunopsis, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its Sunopsis Open Connector for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Using the Sunopsis Open Connector for LDAP, data stored in LDAP directories can be accessed and included in mainstream enterprise data integration projects – extending the value of LDAP within the enterprise and enhancing enterprise data integration capabilities.

An LDAP implementation can enable almost any application, running on almost any computer platform, to obtain information from an LDAP directory. LDAP directories are used to store a broad range of data such as email addresses, HR data, customer information, user passwords, and much more. An LDAP server is used to process queries and updates to an LDAP information directory, much like a Database Management System is used to process queries and updates.

“Today, many companies have implemented LDAP directories to simplify the management of business information and processes,” said Yves de Montcheuil, Director of Product Management at Sunopsis. “But many packaged and custom applications are not LDAP-enabled. Until now, companies looking to integrate their LDAP directory data with the rest of their information system and data integration efforts did not have a viable means. Our Sunopsis Open Connector for LDAP addresses this need.”

The Sunopsis Open Connector for LDAP provides Sunopsis users with access to their LDAP directories the same way they access relational, non-relational, and packaged application data. The Open Connector for LDAP automatically performs data introspection to analyze the classes, attributes and hierarchies of the directory. This structure is then presented to the Sunopsis user who can map and transform LDAP data to other applications – eliminating the need for double-entering data and ensuring up to date information is populated on all pertinent systems. Included in the Open Connector is a unique technology that automatically maps LDAP structures to relational structures, providing SQL access to LDAP data.

Additionally, changes to user information in non-LDAP applications can trigger an automated update to the LDAP directories. The Sunopsis Open Connector for LDAP provides both read and write access to LDAP directories.

Pricing and Availability:

The Sunopsis Open Connector for LDAP is available immediately and is priced at $14,000. An active license of Sunopsis is required to run the LDAP Connector. For more information, visit