EVault Introduces High-Availability Data Protection Solutions

EVault Continuum Server provides continuous data protection targeted for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle applications

Walnut Creek, Calif. – October 20, 2004 – EVault, Inc. today introduced EVault Continuum Server™, a high-availability storage solution designed to provide continuous data protection and quick recovery of business-critical database applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Leveraging new, innovative mirroring, snapshot, and data-replication technologies, EVault Continuum Server provides continuous availability for those businesses increasingly reliant on critical databases applications, such as for e-mail, CRM, and ERP. EVault Continuum Server ensures business continuity and integrates seamlessly into environments with few, if any, changes to existing infrastructure.

EVault Continuum Server broadens the company’s product portfolio to help businesses implement a data management strategy that leverages a tiered storage infrastructure to meet cost and recovery time objectives for the backup and recovery of data created minutes or years ago.

Features and Benefits

EVault Continuum Server provides flexible, easy-to-use and continuous data protection that fits seamlessly into existing environments. Administrators can synchronously mirror data between primary storage and the EVault Continuum Server. Should a hardware failure occur, EVault Continuum Server can provide up-to-the-minute application and data availability.

Continuous data protection for dynamic, transactional applications: EVault Continuum Server can be easily configured to roll back and forward to a particular point in time should a failure or data corruption occur to an Exchange, SQL and similar databases. This capability enables businesses to recover data in minutes or seconds, instead of hours or days.

Efficient snapshot capability: EVault Csnap™ snapshot technology provides an unlimited number of instantaneous copies of entire data volumes, with minimal storage overhead. Csnaps take less than a second, typically use less than 1K of disk space, and helps provide ultra-fast data recovery.

Get data safely off-site: EVault Cditto™ replication enables encrypted data volumes to be continuously transferred to a second EVault Continuum Server at an alternate location.

Easy to use: Though a unified user GUI, administrators can manage data files and blocks, create LUNs, configure networks, and conduct fast, easy restores from a data loss.

SAN and NAS support: EVault Continuum Server easily integrates into both SAN and NAS environments by presenting SCSI, Fibre Channel and iSCSI interfaces for SAN block-level access as well as CIFS and NFS shares for NAS file access.

No proprietary lock-in: Unlike similar, higher-priced solutions, EVault Continuum Server operates on non-proprietary hardware.

Availability and Pricing

EVault Continuum Server is currently available, supporting many of the leading operating systems including Windows, Solaris, Linux, and NetWare. Pricing for the fully bundled software and hardware solution starts at $11,428. For additional information, contact EVault sales at (877) 382-8581 or sales@evault.com.

About EVault

EVault enables customers to fulfill a very important component of their business continuity program by efficiently and reliably safeguarding their data backup through a fully automated process. For more information, please visit http://www.evault.com or e-mail info@evault.com.