Akonix Delivers Integration and New Application Capabilities for Instant Messaging

Akonix L7 Builder provides system for integrating presence and IM into enterprise applications to improve productivity

San Diego, CA -- December 6, 2004 -- Akonix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for security, control, and integration of instant messaging (IM), launches Akonix L7 Builder, providing enterprise customers and developers with a system to create, manage, and deploy IM applications, as well as integrating presence and IM into existing workflows and enterprise systems. Leveraging Akonix's experience as a leader in security, management and control for IM, Akonix L7 Builder creates new opportunities to improve productivity and responsiveness through real-time data access and presence.

As organizations continue to adopt IM for business communications, they are recognizing the opportunities to leverage presence information, access data via IM and enhance person-to-person conversations with business intelligence Akonix L7 Builder provides a comprehensive solution for developing and deploying these new, high-value applications, including support for standard development environments, integration Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and a scalable runtime environment. Akonix's solution takes advantage of patent-pending natural language processing and the vXML standard to provide the easiest real-time applications for development and use.

Akonix L7 Builder provides access to key building blocks for IM integration and applications, across multiple development environments, including:

  • Presence data, leveraging online status for workflows, directory and other programs

  • Interaction or "bots" utilizing IM as an interface for rapid, high-value data queries

  • Alerts and notifications, leveraging IM and presence to distribute critical information to employees or customers based on automated or scheduled events

  • Routing and transfer functions, supporting help desk, customer service and other interactive applications

  • Natural language and support for the vXML standard, allowing companies to create interactive grammars and menus for all applications

Utilizing these capabilities, Akonix L7 Builder is being used to deliver exciting new real-time applications, some examples of these include:

  • Improved customer service by integrating presence and instant access to multiple members of customer service account teams through an existing customer service portal

  • Enhanced response rates and reduced e-mail clutter from real-time alerts for time-critical, expiring events that don't get lost in e-mail queues, and don't get delivered to employees who are not available to respond

  • Increased productivity by quickly accessing internal directory data and linking to presence and IM communications immediately

Akonix L7 Builder leverages technology from the company's March 2004 acquisition of Natural Messaging.

Enterprises or developers who wish to leverage Akonix L7 Builder for creating their own applications can become a member of the Akonix Application Development Program. Akonix's professional services team and development partners are also available to provide assistance and development resources for organizations developing and deploying Akonix L7 Builder within any enterprise.

For more information on how to leverage presence and IM throughout an organization, contact Akonix at sales@akonix.com or visit http://www.akonix.com.

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