Xandros Desktop Version 3 Released

Features latest in Linux wireless and VPN support, security, and drag-and-drop DVD burning

NEW YORK, NY -- December 8, 2004 - Xandros, a leading developer of easy-to-use Linux solutions, today announced the version 3 release of the Xandros Desktop Operating System (OS). Xandros Desktop 3 provides the ultimate Linux desktop experience for laptops and PCs with enhanced wireless support, drag-and-drop DVD burning, and automatic alerts to Xandros Networks updates. Employing a Xandros-enhanced KDE 3.3 and an underlying 2.6.9 Linux kernel, the new version also provides enhanced security with a Personal Firewall wizard, simple access to virtual private networks, and automatic encryption of user home folders.

"This new Xandros release continues our strong user focus with enhanced support for wireless and Internet technologies," said Andreas Typaldos, Xandros CEO. "Our firewall wizard makes it a cinch to secure your laptop or PC from Internet intruders, and all it normally takes to set up a secure connection to a VPN account is a host name, user name, and password. Everyone has been sold on the power and stability of Linux for cluster and server computing. Now many will be surprised at how pleasurable and trouble-free Linux desktop computing can be."

Ming Poon, Xandros VP for Software Development, added, "Our business users rely on laptops for their day to day work, so they need to protect their data from prying eyes if their laptop is lost or under repair. Our consumer users likewise expressed serious privacy concerns, so we created an easy to use Encrypted Home Folder feature that brings peace of mind to both the business and consumer worlds."

The Ultimate Linux Desktop Experience

Xandros Desktop OS version 3 delivers the ultimate Linux desktop experience for desktop and laptop users alike. The simple four-step Xandros install provides everything you need to write, chat, draw, surf, talk, e-mail, listen, and play in Linux. New features in version 3 include:

  • Drag-and-drop DVD burning in Xandros File Manager

  • Xandros Personal Firewall wizard to guard against Internet intruders

  • Intel Centrino and wireless card support

  • Automatic encryption to protect user files from prying eyes

  • Secure access to a school or business PPTP virtual private network (VPN)

  • Crossover Office 4.1 for running Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and many other Windows programs

  • Automatic alerts to Xandros Networks updates

The Xandros desktop OS enables users to drag-and-drop files from anywhere, including Windows network shares and FTP sites. Web users can surf multiple sites in one tabbed window, and turn off annoying pop-up ads and banners. Users also enjoy automatic filtering of e-mail spam, and resistance to most viruses, worms and spyware. The Xandros Networks update facility provides single-click access to a huge inventory of free and commercial Linux software.

Now Available for Purchase and Download

The Deluxe and Standard editions of version 3 of the Xandros Desktop OS are now available for purchase and download at http://www.xandros.com and resellers worldwide. The version 3 Business Edition will be released in the first quarter of 2005. Xandros will also begin to release localized versions of the Xandros Desktop OS in the first quarter of 2005.

The Deluxe Edition of Xandros Desktop OS carries a suggested retail price of USD $89.95. It includes a 380-page User Guide and a special Xandros Edition of CrossOver Office 4.1 which allows users to run many popular Windows programs. The Standard Edition carries a suggested retail price of USD $49.95. For complete product and purchase details, including upgrade pricing, please visit http://www.xandros.com.

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