WinA&D 4.0 Eases Software Engineering Tasks

Placitas, NM ­ January 3, 2005 - Excel Software started shipping WinA&D 4.0, an engineering tool for requirements management, software modeling, code generation, reengineering, and flexible report generation. Thousands of software developers in consulting, industrial, and defense companies including GM, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed Martin, IBM, EDS, and CSC use WinA&D for structured analysis and design, multi-task design, UML-based object-oriented design, and database design.

WinA&D 4.0 packs major enhancements for modeling, reengineering, report generation, managing projects, scalability, and finding, listing, and printing information. New online help for the application, report scripting, and programming interface is based on QuickHelp. A new six-manual set comes in both printed and PDF form.

WinA&D implements the full UML notation for object-oriented software design. Package and class diagrams show class structure. Use cases capture functional requirements. Statecharts define specific system states and events. Object interactions are shown on communication or sequence diagrams, while activity diagrams reveal parallel behavior. Deployment diagrams illustrate runtime relationships for hardware and software components.

WinA&D supports structured analysis and design of multi-tasking, real-time systems. Data and control flow diagrams show the flow of information through a system. State diagrams and tables identify modes of operation and event handling. Task diagrams illustrate threads of execution connected by operating system services. Structure charts highlight call structure between modules.

Database designers use logical and physical data models to represent tables, views, constraints, assertions, triggers, indexes, procedures, and other SQL elements, then generate the SQL schema code for an RDBMS.

WinA&D provides an integrated solution for managing requirements with capabilities to identify, specify, group, track, and control requirements. Code generation is supported for object-oriented, procedural, and database designs. In conjunction with WinTranslator, class, structure, and data models can be generated from code. Verification, balancing, import, and export commands help locate information, check for errors and share work with other users, development tools, and platforms. The built-in, fully scriptable report generator comes with dozens of standard reports for viewing project information using an HTML browser or word processor.

WinA&D runs on all Windows computers from 95 through XP and comes in several product editions. The full Developer edition is $1995, while the Desktop and Educational editions are $1295 and $845, respectively. See for site license pricing, on-site training, product descriptions, and online ordering.

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