nLayers InSight Software Development Kit Announced

Real-time discovery and optimization enables easy integration of agentless discovery, mapping, and modeling

SAN JOSE, Calif.-- January 4, 2005 -- nLayers, a leader in real-time discovery and resource optimization, today announced the release of the nLayers InSight Software Development Kit (SDK), providing integrators, systems and application management vendors, and other partners a simple, rapid way to integrate nLayers’ infrastructure discovery, modeling, and application optimization capabilities into their management solutions.

nLayers InSight automatically discovers and maps the relationships and dependencies between applications and infrastructure components to provide a time-based “living” model that tracks IT resource dependencies, demand, usage and service levels over time. Through the SDK, nLayers provides integration for these living models into a wide array of management solutions without impacting or effecting the run-time environment of production systems.

"The SDK for nLayers InSight opens the door for significant partnerships across the enterprise management community," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "EMA has actively been tracking the growing relevance of dynamic service topologies, as well as emerging requirements for a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). nLayers has moreover gone beyond topology and basic CMDB information to providing critical insights into usage and infrastructure optimization for application services. Through the new SDK, this matrix of information can now be brought to bear in a wide variety of contexts as a critical, enabling technology."

”nLayers InSight is a passive, agentless discovery and mapping solution that runs on a J2EE engine and is able to stream XML data to any destination,” said Tom Sarfati, nLayers InSight chief architect. “It runs on top of a relational database, and its data model is flexible and can be customized.” The nLayers InSight SDK includes several application programming interfaces (APIs), for a wide range of functions such as control, data integration and alerts.

“Because of the complexity of today’s IT environments, management solutions must include an automated means to inventory infrastructure components and applications -- not just at a single moment in time, but continuously,” said Gili Raanan, CEO of nLayers. “With our SDK, any company or vendor can integrate this capability into existing management tools to provide a complete picture of the IT environment, and the underpinnings of specific services.”

About nLayers

nLayers flagship product is nLayers InSight, an agentless appliance that automatically discovers, maps and models the relationships and dependencies between applications, servers and devices in a time-based, behavioral model. For more information, visit

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