DTM soft Announces Major DTM Schema Reporter Upgrade

Upgraded DTM Schema Reporter features over four dozen improvements.

January 12, 2005 -- DTM Schema Reporter, a reporting tool for database schema with support for ODBC, IDAPI, and Oracle Call interfaces has gone through a major makeover. One year after the initial release, program developers received over 250 suggestions, a fifth of which have been implemented in the new version of the software.

Besides creating reports in RTF (compatible with all Microsoft Word versions), HTML, or plain text, DTM Schema Reporter users can now use XML format for their report. Due to popular demand, the program now offers an option for MS SQL Server security report; a number of additional Oracle and DB2 integration options have been added as well.

Though DTM Schema Reporter is powerful and complex software, it is very flexible and comes with the set of primary and secondary report profile options, which in turn allow users to select any necessary level of report customization. These profiles can be saved and loaded with a few mouse clicks. Another important feature is an option to alter table order in the report and manually add annotations to the individual tables.

DTM Schema Reporter is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available at http://www.dtmsoft.com/sr/ for evaluation. The price of a single copy is $110.00 US.

DTM soft specializes in developing database processing and reporting utilities. The company signature is remarkable simplicity and efficiency of all software titles DTM soft has developed and released.

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