IDAutomation Releases RFID Component for .NET

January 19, 2005  -  Tampa, FL., Inc. today announced the release of their RFID Component for the Microsoft® .NET Framework. The component encodes RFID tags on RFID-capable printers from custom .NET software applications. When used with the IDAutomation Forms Control, the component simultaneously prints the barcode label and encodes RFID tags. By integrating this component directly into .NET Framework applications, it is no longer necessary to export data to a proprietary label program to print barcodes and encode RFID labels.

The component is compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, Borland C# and Borland Delphi for .NET. It is designed to be compatible with any RFID printer that has a Windows print driver installed. The component was recently tested on a Datamax I 4210 RFID label printer at the Datamax facility in Orlando, Florida. A sample project is included with the component to provide developers a quick understanding of the interface.

Pricing for the component starts at $199 for a single user license. A royalty free developer license, which allows redistribution, costs $790. A fully functional evaluation version of the component is available for download at the website:

In addition to the RFID component, IDAutomation provides barcode fonts, components and software applications that support several barcode types, including the latest RSS, Composite and 2D Symbologies., Inc. has been marketing products for businesses since 1996 and is privately held. For more information, visit their Web site at

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