Sunopsis Introduces First Comprehensive Data-Driven Integration Suite

Sets new standard for managing diverse enterprise application and data integration requirements

BURLINGTON, Mass. – January 18, 2005 – Sunopsis, Inc., a technology innovator in the application and data integration market, today announced the availability of the Sunopsis Integration Suite, a comprehensive, integrated set of products designed to address multiple data and application integration needs. The Sunopsis Integration Suite enables companies to improve operational efficiencies and performance by providing an easy means to access, integrate and manage data from critical enterprise applications running on a wide range of platforms.
Characterized by ease of implementation and use, the suite is able to address batch and real-time, as well as synchronous and asynchronous integration needs.  The Sunopsis Integration Suite can manage large data volumes and supports a long list of data sources and targets.  Unlike other products that take a process-driven approach to integration, the Sunopsis Integration Suite is based on a data-driven integration approach that improves the fluidity of data in the enterprise without requiring a redesign of business processes.
“Silo-based integration approaches – in which each integration project is handled independently – are no longer adequate to meet today’s complex enterprise integration needs,” said Mark Beyer, Senior Program Director, META Group, Inc. “Today, companies want to be able to consolidate their integration projects along a data backbone. Companies want to be able to access, manage and integrate data from their asynchronous and synchronous applications, as well as batch and real-time applications into a single, coherent environment.”
The Sunopsis Integration Suite consists of four products that can be acquired separately or as a suite:

  • Sunopsis ETL is used for batch data movement, mainly for loading data warehouses, as well as for replicating or migrating databases. Sunopsis ETL’s unique architectural approach generates native SQL code for each RDBMS (source and target) and orchestrates the execution of these statements. Sunopsis ETL implements an Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) approach, where transformations are performed as close to the data as possible, increasing the performance of the processes while decreasing their cost.
  • Sunopsis ActiveData is a data-driven application integration environment that enables users to replicate bi-directionally all data from production applications into a centralized database. The centralized database, called the Active Data Hub, becomes a persistent repository for enterprise data, and propagates updates to the production applications. The Active Data Hub offers a broad scope of uses, including loading the data warehouse.  It can also to be used as the repository for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) or other new applications. Data from the Active Data Hub can be accessed in SQL, or through Web Services using Sunopsis DataServices.
  • Sunopsis DataBus is an inter application bus that provides event oriented integration. The Data Bus exchanges data between applications by transforming messages and then routing them based on their content. A Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), included in the product, handles the data transport activities. Sunopsis DataBus also provides an asynchronous application integration mode for applications located on remote sites or for which connectivity can be inconsistent. Sunopsis DataBus is an essential element of an Event Oriented Architecture (EOA).
  • Sunopsis DataServices exposes enterprise data as Web Services, building a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) on any database, independent of the applications using this database.

The development, production and administration environments are shared across the suite of products and are easily managed using a newly redesigned and enhanced Graphical User Interface.
“We are long time users of Sunopsis' batch and asynchronous integration capabilities,” said Fabio Gloria of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, a global manufacturing company.  “The Sunopsis Integration Suite introduces new products and functionality that are of great interest to us. Sunopsis ActiveData will now allow us to manage our asynchronous application integration through a centralized data hub, and Sunopsis DataServices will allow us to easily make manufacturing data available to our suppliers and customers through Web Services.  We have and will continue to rely upon Sunopsis to address our most challenging data integration needs and to help us streamline and optimize our business operations.”
Other modules common to the suite include:

  • Data Quality – Ensures the validation and cleansing of data by integrating the necessary controls and processing to the data flow.  Data Quality is hence completely integrated with the Sunopsis processes.
  • MetaData – Manages all project data and ensures the global coherence of the various projects.  MetaData can be accessed through graphical interface modules or a Web interface.  A new data schema design feature is included, as well as new cross references and data lineage graphs which are very useful for compliance programs.
  • Open Connectors – Provide direct connectivity to a broad range of environments including packaged applications such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Applications, J.D. Edwards, Siebel, as well as connectivity to data warehouse databases and tools such as Teradata, Netezza, Hyperion, Sybase and BusinessObjects. Web Services, LDAP or JMS connectors are also available.  The Changed Data Capture (CDC) option for these Open Connectors allows the detection of data that has changed and the propagation of only these changes to target systems, improving tremendously the efficiency of data integration processes.

Pricing and Availability

The Sunopsis Integration Suite pricing starts at $35,000. Initial products in the suite will become available within 30 days. The fully integrated suite will be available by Summer 2005.

About Sunopsis

Sunopsis empowers companies to improve business responsiveness by placing the right data at the right place, at the right time. The company’s next-generation data integration products allow organizations to efficiently manage and share data from disparate data sources without the complexity and cost of traditional data integration solutions. With more than 400 customers worldwide, and a global presence, Sunopsis has headquarters in France, the United States and Singapore.

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