Arcplan's dynaSight 4.1 Features Improved Performance and Increased Productivity

New version of arcplan’s business intelligence platform supports 64 bit platforms, .NET, Linux, and IBM DB2 CubeViews

Wayne, PA, January 24, 2005 – Arcplan, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced Version 4.1 of its flagship product dynaSight, which offers significantly expanded functionality.

Key features of the new version include further improvements to the product’s scalability, the integration of evolving technologies, and new support functions for the fast and flexible construction of customized information systems. With dynaSight 4.1, arcplan’s list of supported systems and platforms is extended to 64-bit computing, the .NET client, and DB2 CubeViews. In addition, arcplan includes Linux support, reflecting the company’s commitment to staying on top of the growing trend in enterprises for Linux-based server solutions. DynaSight 4.1 will be shipped in the first quarter of 2005.

Support for Linux and 64-Bit Computing

During the development of the new version, arcplan concentrated on increasing the number of supported systems and further improving dynaSight’s seamless integration in existing enterprise infrastructures. A new feature of 4.1 is a Linux server that supports Novell/SuSE Version 9.x and later, and RedHat Version 7.3 and later, proving that arcplan is responding to the rapid growth in the popularity of open source systems.

Linux enables customers not only to reduce costs, but to strengthen security, as the published source code offers several advantages in this area. According to the recent study, “Worldwide Linux 2004-2008 Forecast: Moving from Niche to Mainstream,” December 2004, by the market research company IDC, Linux’s share of the server market will rise to 29 percent by 2008.

DynaSight 4.1 also provides arcplan’s customers increased performance and virtually limitless memory with its support for 64-bit platforms. Response times and the availability of enterprise-wide, dynaSight-based BI applications were increased using the larger Shared Query Cache and higher processor performance. DynaSight 4.1 for 64-bit Windows runs on the AMD64, Intel Xeon Nocona, and Intel Itanium II processors, among others.

Integration with .NET Now Available

Arcplan now offers support for the .NET client, giving customers a richer and more flexible browser experience. For example, users can now utilize a large number of fonts in the browser. In addition, printing and formatted text entry are greatly improved, facilitating procedures such as annotations in the area of controlling.

Connection with IBM DB2 CubeViews

The OLAP-based DB2 CubeViews from IBM enables customers to model relational content from DB2 database tables in an OLAP structure. Version 4.1 of dynaSight includes an interface to CubeViews for enhanced performance and easier administration of analytical applications in an IBM environment. User benefits include improved readability and easier administration of data models. This makes arcplan the only vendor offering CubeViews in a purely online form with real-time access, a major advantage when developing and deploying analytical applications such as BI solutions, which can be created much faster and are easier to maintain.

Platform Enhancements

Other new features in Version 4.1, some of which are the result of customer input, include support for True Color and improved integration with Microsoft Office, enabling the export of formatted Excel spreadsheets. In addition, Version 4.1 includes a new print cache for large reports and PDF files, as well as expanded protocols for enterprise usage analysis.

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