Prism Pack Update Offers Enterprises Secure Packaging, SMS Integration

Minneapolis, Jan. 24, 2005 ­ New Boundary Technologies®, a provider of automated IT management and security solutions, today announced the release of Prism Pack® 6, the newest version of its award-winning software packaging solution. Designed for the larger enterprise, Prism Pack is a high-quality solution with broad Windows platform support. Prism Pack 6 dramatically reduces package production time and delivers new functionality that improves packaging security and reliability. Prism Pack 6 is available immediately.

Prism Pack simplifies software packaging by replacing tedious scripting with the Prism Pack Expert, a drag-and-drop package creation interface. Scripting software packages can take several days, but Prism Pack does the job in just a few hours, allowing more strategic use of IT resources and speeding time to benefit.

"Prism Pack is a feature-rich complementary packaging tool for SMS and other desktop management suites that delivers much better control, security and flexibility," said Kim Pearson, president and chief executive officer of New Boundary Technologies. "There is no better, more mature software packaging solution on the market, and we keep improving it with each new version. Prism Pack is an ideal packaging solution for enterprises wanting to use their IT resources more strategically."

Prism Pack is a highly flexible solution that packages any software for deployment to any workstation, server, or laptop anywhere in the world. Prism Pack works easily with any desktop management suite, including SMS, or any other deployment infrastructure, including Web pages, logon scripts and CD-ROM. Using Prism Pack¹s Smart Variables technology, administrators can create a single deployment package that can be customized for deployment in diverse environments. Prism Pack can package virtually any software, including applications, updates, and printer installs. And Prism Pack provides full support for Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI).

New security features in Prism Pack include Package Authentication and Permissions Packaging. Package Authentication provides full support for digital signatures that authenticate packages prior to deployment and secure against unauthorized access and edits, so only packages from a trusted source get installed. Prism Pack¹s Permissions Packaging allows administrators to easily build software packages that also include security settings. In addition to new security features, Prism Pack 6 includes Checkpoint Restart, which improves reliability by continuing package distribution in the event of an interruption.

Prism Pack improves package deployment reliability with Conflict Checker, which eliminates file and registry conflicts before deployment, and with a Rollback feature that restores computers to their exact pre-deployment state. Prism Pack Installation Rules allow a single software package to be delivered to targeted computers based on configuration traits. Prism Pack users report 100-percent reliable deployments when using Prism packages.

About New Boundary Technologies

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