Cendura Introduces IT Services Configuration Management Database Technology

Cohesion takes configuration management to distributed applications and services

(ORLANDO, FL ¯ February 7, 2005) - Cendura, a leader in application configuration management solutions for enterprises, today announced that its services-focused configuration management database (CMDB) is available to Global 2000 companies seeking to optimize the management of complex, custom-built, and distributed applications.

Through its Cohesion Suite, users have a unified IT services repository for distributed applications and services configuration changes; a Best Practices Database, consisting of over 4,000 vendor-recommended and industry best practices rules; and a Business Services Database, which tracks line of business information associated with the application infrastructure.

"Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an enabling technology that brings together disparate configuration data from a variety of sources," said Audrey Rasmussen, analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. "Both the value and promise of a CMDB are in having a dynamic and accurate picture of what you're managing across the infrastructure, a cohesive and consistent way to consolidate management data, the ability to do cross-infrastructure analysis on the integrated management database for operational effectiveness, capturing the relationships and inter-dependencies between IT assets, and sharing configuration and topology information across the management disciplines."

Cohesion automatically discovers the entire application and services environment and collects information about every configuration item, element, and parameter applicable to an application's security, performance and availability. All relationships between a service's components are automatically identified and Cohesion's Technology Relationship Maps and Dependency Visualization create a tiered display of each host, the service components, and all of the relationships and dependencies.

"This is a truly unique and powerful solution. Only Cendura tracks the state of your multi-tiered application or service across multiple vendor components on heterogeneous platforms and lets you manage the entire service from a single, unified vantage point," said Rick McEachern, Chief Marketing Officer, Cendura. "Whether a company is just starting and wants to auto-populate a CMDB quickly or if they're implementing a federated, enterprise-wide CMDB, Cohesion provides the most comprehensive application and service information."

The Cohesion Intelligent Rules Engine lets companies attach best practice rules to any configurable item or parameter and specify ranges, exact values, or expressions to set how an application is to be configured. Application configuration changes are automatically detected and the policy engine can take corrective action including changing an application back to a previous setting or sending alerts to monitoring consoles. Out of the box, Cohesion includes a Best Practices library including more than 4,000 best practices and rules. These rules include vendor-recommended settings, configurations, and defaults. Users can also create their own rules and attach them to any parameter or setting, effectively giving IT the ability to "harden" each software component to ensure performance, security and stability of critical applications.

The Business Services Database provides a useful way of associating IT Services Management information with any IT infrastructure host, component or configurable item to enable business alignment, visibility and service-level tracking across applications and services. For example, Cohesion can track any kind of business attribute such as department, business processes related to that application, owners, locations, and much more so that IT resources can be viewed and managed along lines of business. Information from asset tracking databases, LDAP directories, SNMP sources and any other existing data sources can be imported and used.

Cendura's CMDB information is accessible to federated, enterprise-wide CMDBs or other enterprise applications through standards-based and flexible APIs or Web Services, allowing developers and systems integrators to create custom adapters to a variety of back-end systems such as IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol, and HP OpenView.

Pricing is determined by each customer's infrastructure configuration, number of servers managed, and the expansion modules selected. To arrange a demo, call (866) 263-3911 or e-mail sales@cendura.com

About Cendura

Cendura automates the process of business services configuration management. For more information about Cendura, call 866.263.3911 or visit http://www.cendura.com. Cendura, Cohesion and Blueprint Builder are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cendura Corporation.

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