Compuware Showcases New DevPartner(TM) Products

Compuware extends ability for development teams to produce highly reliable applications and to address security vulnerabilities

SAN FRANCISCO--February 7, 2005--Compuware Corporation will give demonstrations of its two new DevPartner products, Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator and Compuware DevPartner SecurityChecker at the VSLive! San Francisco 2005 conference. These products significantly extend the award-winning development advisory capabilities of the DevPartner product line, providing a broader and deeper view into application quality issues and solutions while enabling project teams to establish and maintain best practices for building quality software across the application development life cycle.

"Application security and production availability are key pain points for the IT industry," said John Case, director in the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp. "The Compuware DevPartner product line has a long history of enabling development teams to cost-effectively locate and correct defects and performance issues. Extending these capabilities in the areas of debugging security vulnerabilities and the application response to errors is a significant step toward better addressing these industry issues."

DevPartner Fault Simulator addresses the need of development and test teams to verify that the code written to handle error conditions is complete and functioning properly. Typically error handling code, which can account for as much as 30 percent of the overall application code, receives little or no testing as it is difficult and labor intensive to try to simulate error conditions that might occur in a production environment.

The simulator "tricks" the target application into believing an environmental (disk, memory, network, thread and COM) or Microsoft .NET Framework exception is present, so that the reaction of the application can be monitored. No other running application or the operating system itself is affected, so that the full power of debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 continues to be available. Fault simulations can be built up over time during development and test, and become part of the repeatable unit and functional regression tests for the application.

DevPartner Fault Simulator simulates environmental errors for both native and managed code applications, as well as .NET Framework error conditions. Smart Client development teams will especially appreciate its ability to simulate network error conditions such as unavailable and offline as they develop, debug and test their application response to network connectivity in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

DevPartner SecurityChecker is a powerful security analysis tool that accelerates the development of ASP.NET applications by automatically identifying security vulnerabilities through a combination of compile-time analysis, run-time analysis and integrity analysis (attack simulation), pinpointing the location of vulnerabilities in the source code. Developers now have the ability to identify security vulnerabilities in their applications, and are provided with a wealth of expert advice on how those vulnerabilities can be corrected.

Developers are increasingly being rewarded for robust application security, as the majority of attacks now occur at the application level. Finding and remedying application security issues during the development process provides the fastest, most cost-effective solution for IT organizations. DevPartner SecurityChecker provides the most comprehensive vulnerability assessment capabilities available, while helping developers gain the skills they need in the area of application security.

"Development teams are looking for help in improving the reliability and security of their applications. Error-handling code has always been extremely difficult to test and is often ignored, leading to defects in the production environment," said Ken Cowan, Product Manager for the Compuware DevPartner product family. "DevPartner Fault Simulator changes that, making it possible to apply quality best practices to fault simulation.

"It is also now accepted that the responsibility for application security needs to move back into the development process. However, many development teams currently lack the in-depth working knowledge of security to be effective," Cowan continues. "DevPartner SecurityChecker fills the void by locating a large variety of security issues and by supplying the detailed expert knowledge to developers on how those issues can be resolved."

DevPartner Fault Simulator and DevPartner SecurityChecker are currently available and shipping. Product demonstrations of both products will be given during the VSLive! San Francisco Conference at booth #700. Evaluation kits are available for download at

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