Accordance Systems Simplifies Storage IDE to SATA Migration

ARAID 1500 Dual Mode and ARAID 2000 Dual Mode RAID devices support data mirroring for SATA or IDE drive ports using SATA and IDE drives.

DES MOINES, Iowa, February 15, 2005 ­ Accordance Systems today announced the availability of its ARAID 1500 Dual Mode and ARAID 2000 Dual Mode RAID devices to enable IT managers and businesses to easily migrate their data storage systems from IDE storage to Serial-ATA (SATA).

The ARAID devices slide into a PC chassis and connect easily to either IDE or SATA drive ports. The new ARAID 1500 Dual Mode supports 3.5" IDE disks and the new ARAID 2000 Dual Mode supports 3.5" SATA disks.

By using the ARAID 1500 Dual Mode, existing users of legacy IDE hard drives can upgrade to new SATA equipped computers. By installing the ARAID 2000 Dual Mode, users with legacy machines with only IDE drive ports can now use new SATA drives.

"The ARAID solution makes it easy for us to help our IT clients upgrade their legacy equipment to provide reliable and stable data back-up solutions," said Ron Grzechowiak, CEO of Greznet, LLC, a leading computer system integrator for small and mid-size businesses. "In addition, by inserting pre-loaded hard drives into the ARAID units, we can now quickly and easily deploy new network and server configurations. These capabilities will allow us to take our business to the next level."

"Although storage technology continues to advance, hard drives can still crash," says Steve Johnson, president and CEO of Accordance Systems USA. "Our ARAID Dual Mode device brings affordable and reliable RAID1 data protection to both new and legacy computers. The Accordance ARAID 1500 and 2000 Dual Mode capability provides the greatest RAID1 flexibility for any IDE/SATA-based computer and ensures that ARAID users will never lose data in the event of a disk crash."

Each ARAID Dual Mode is hosted into two drive bays and can be installed into any PC, Mac or Linux computer. The ARAID device connects and looks like a hard disk drive to the system. RAID1 simultaneously mirrors all read/write operations to two hard drives. Should either drive fail, duplicated data is still available on the remaining drive. ARAID Dual Mode informs the user of a failed drive through audio alarm, e-mail notification and with SNMP traps across the network.

List price for the ARAID 2000 Dual Mode is $370/each the ARAID 1500 Dual Mode is $365 each.

About Accordance

Accordance is dedicated to delivering cost effective RAID hardware and software solutions for network and standalone computer systems. Accordance's ARAID product family of IDE, SCSI, SATA disk arrays and RAID network attached storage and servers enables companies to effectively store, backup, manage, secure and transfer computer data. For more information, please call 515-223-4845 or visit

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