FinePrint Software Launches Server Editions of pdfFactory, pdfFactory Pro, and FinePrint

SE versions designed for use in a network environment offer centralized control and support of enterprise-wide PDF creation and printing management tools

San Francisco, February 15, 2005 -- FinePrint Software today announces the release of Server Editions (SE) of pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro, the company’s PDF creation software tools, and FinePrint, its printing utility software famous for greatly reducing printing-related expenses. The Server Editions deliver a comprehensive server-based solution that makes deployment to and monitoring of a large number of users very easy.

Each Server Edition offers:

  • Centralized installation and updates: Companies can install SE on a Windows server, and any user can access the software by connecting to a shared printer.

  • Shared configuration: Common settings can be placed on the server for propagation to workstations. For example, PDF security parameters saved on the server will be copied to workstations upon installation.

  • License management: SE ensures license compliance and allows monitoring and control of license usage on a single server or a group of connected servers.

  • Configurable user interface - Product features can be removed from the user interface if desired.

“Since PDF creation is now just as common as printing, everyone needs a PDF creator; at the same time a lot of paper is wasted at printer stations throughout the workplace,” said Jonathan Weiner, president of FinePrint Software. “The new SE versions address these needs with comprehensive server-based solutions that make it easier than ever to deploy and manage our products to users throughout an enterprise.”

PdfFactory is an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool for creating PDF files, offering most of the features commonly used by both individual and business consumers at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat. With pdfFactory, any Windows application having printing capabilities can be used to create a PDF file. PDF documents can be easily combined using the pdfFactory preview system, unwanted pages can be deleted, and a built-in email function allows PDF files to be sent with a single click.

PdfFactory Pro is the advanced version of pdfFactory. It is designed for users who require security on sensitive documents. Further, pdfFactory Pro simplifies the process of working with large, complex documents by enabling users to create bookmarks.

FinePrint is a printing management utility for users of desktop PCs. FinePrint provides enhanced printing controls, enabling users to easily print multiple document pages onto a single sheet of paper, format print jobs to automatically produce booklet-style documents, delete unwanted pages from print jobs (especially useful when printing Web pages), embed letterheads, superimpose watermarks, and much more.

Licensing is priced on a per-user basis, and upgrade pricing is available. Cost-per-workstation for pdfFactory SE ranges from $23.00 to $60.00 while pdfFactory Pro SE ranges from $46.00 to $120.00. FinePrint SE ranges from $23.00 to $60.00.

About FinePrint Software

Founded in 1995, FinePrint Software’s goal is to help individuals and businesses print more efficiently. For more information, please call 415-989-2722 or visit the company’s Web site at

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