CA CleverPath Aion R10 Enhances Quality of Business Processes and Improves Compliance

Enables diverse users to define, implement, monitor, and streamline business rules and processes

ISLANDIA, N.Y., February 22, 2005 – Computer Associates International, Inc. today announced CleverPath Aion r10, a robust business process management solution that enables both technical and non-technical users to effectively define, implement, monitor, and streamline a complete range of business rules and processes -- including human-to-human, system-to-human, and system-to-system interactions.

By empowering users to manage and execute business rules and processes, CleverPath Aion r10 enables customers to operate more efficiently, optimize the quality of business processes and improve governance controls. It supports the optimization of business processes with a broad spectrum of associated capabilities -- including workflow, business rules automation, and customizable dashboards for business activity monitoring, business intelligence and predictive analysis.

CleverPath Aion r10 comprises two powerful and complementary solutions:

  • CleverPath Aion Business Process Manager (CleverPath Aion BPM), a new solution delivering business process management, including business rules management and business activity monitoring for lines of business

  • CleverPath Aion Business Rules Expert (CleverPath Aion BRE), combining the power of integrated business rules development with object-oriented and component-based deployment across multiple platforms

CleverPath Aion r10 includes simplified rules management tools for non-technical, business users for both CleverPath Aion BPM and CleverPath Aion BRE.

In addition to the rules management tools for non-technical business users, CleverPath Aion BPM includes a robust workflow engine that supports comprehensive orchestration of business processes -- including invocation of Web services, integration with new and existing IT systems -- and a richly-featured, customizable dashboard that provides full monitoring and reporting of business processes.

CleverPath Aion BRE can support thousands of chained rules and complex dependencies. It also provides advanced inferencing capabilities and change management functions that prevent rule modifications from disrupting active business processes.

“With the complexity of today’s business environment, it’s essential to give managers more effective tools for ensuring that the right things happen in the right order – and that delays in business processes are eliminated wherever possible,” said Don LeClair, senior vice president of development at CA. “CA’s CleverPath Aion business process management solutions provide a uniquely effective and adaptable technology platform for achieving this new level of process optimization and accountability, and are thereby invaluable for improving both the performance of the business and the ability to achieve compliance through governance and best practices.”

CleverPath Aion r10 is supported by select partners worldwide, who can provide customers with both technical implementation services and value-added vertical market expertise.

CleverPath Aion BPM and CleverPath Aion BRE are currently available in English. They will be available in Brazilian-Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish this spring. For additional information on CA’s CleverPath Aion r10 business process management solution please visit

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