Message Partners Announces Sizing Guide for IBM eServer OpenPower, pSeries and iSeries Servers

March 9th 2005, New Rochelle, NY – Message Partners announces the availability of official sizing guides for the Message Processing Platform (MPP) on IBM eServer OpenPower, iSeries and pSeries Linux servers. The sizing guides, jointly developed by IBM and Message Partners, help IBM customers accurately size eServer OpenPower, iSeries and pSeries servers for e-mail filtering with the MPP -- an innovative e-mail security integration platform.

The MPP takes a unique integration approach to solving virus, spam, content, archival, and compliance problems associated with e-mail. Our unique integration approach gives customers the maximum flexibility needed to tackle these fluid problems in a very open and scalable manner and with the new sizing guides, IBM customers have the data they need to safely deploy MPP in their environments.

“The sizing guides are an excellent tool for customers to understand the performance impact of adding e-mail filtering workloads to these powerful Linux server platforms,” says Michael Katz, President of Message Partners. “It is one thing to say that your product performs well, but these sizing guides, which were created in IBM’s customer labs, give IBM customers a very deterministic view of the impact of deploying e-mail filtering and compliance services on IBM PowerPC based Linux servers.” “These servers are some of the most widely deployed enterprise class servers in the world and our tests validate new infrastructure workloads for these server platforms.”

The complete sizing guides can be viewed on the IBM Web site at:

About Message Partners

Message Partners, based in New Rochelle, NY, provides industry leading integration tools that enable scalable, flexible, policy-driven e-mail security and compliance applications. Message Partners is a subsidiary of RAE Internet, Inc.

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