Compuware Strobe Optimizes Distributed DB2 Application Performance, Reduces Operational Costs

Updated products deliver business value by simplifying analysis of DB2, including DB2 Connect and DB2 DDF

DETROIT--March 22, 2005--Compuware Corporation today introduced Compuware Strobe 3.2 and Compuware iStrobe 2.1, new versions of its application performance-management solution. Strobe 3.2 features the major new enhancement of DB2 DDF support, which helps IT professionals manage the performance of their distributed applications that access mainframe DB2 so that they meet performance goals, while optimizing application performance throughout the life cycle.

IT organizations are increasingly leveraging data in DB2 by accessing that data from distributed applications. As the amount of data in DB2 increases, and the number of applications that access that data also increases, there can be serious performance degradation, as well as increased demand for MIPS. These issues can force IT organizations to make expensive capital investments, such as CPU upgrades. In addition, the trend toward web-enablement and adoption of new technologies such as DB2 DDF, Java and WebSphere magnifies the need for effective application performance management.

“IT organizations have long been faced with the challenge of providing fast response times for applications that use DB2 databases on z/OS mainframes,” said Tim Grieser, IDC’s Program VP of Enterprise System Management Software Research. “Now, with the rapid growth of Web-enabled J2EE applications on distributed platforms, the problem has become even more difficult in cases where these applications directly access mainframe DB2 databases. Finding bottlenecks and pinpointing the source of performance problems in these complex environments requires management software like the new releases of Compuware Strobe and Compuware iStrobe to help IT organizations identify and diagnose problems.”

Compuware Strobe 3.2 and Compuware iStrobe 2.1 help enterprise IT professionals effectively manage application performance and minimize resources consumed by applications. Specifically, Compuware Strobe 3.2 helps pinpoint which SQL statements are using the most CPU or have delayed response, allowing users to identify where problems are occurring. In addition, Compuware Strobe 3.2 helps manage the efficiency, responsiveness and performance of mission-critical z/OS applications by reducing CPU consumption, batch run times and online transaction response times. A web server application for analyzing Compuware Strobe application performance data, Compuware iStrobe 2.1 allows users to measure performance of applications and pinpoint inefficiencies within them.

For customers using IBM’s DB2, Compuware Strobe 3.2 helps manage the efficiency, responsiveness and performance of mission-critical applications by identifying which SQL statements are using the most CPU, allowing users to pinpoint where problems are occurring.

Compuware Strobe 3.2 and iStrobe 2.1 offer:

  • Performance Information on SQL Coming to DB2 through DDF: Compuware Strobe DB2 DDF support identifies dynamic and static SQL statements executing within the DDF address space so that users can see what SQL ran on behalf of a particular location.

  • zAAP Support: Compuware Strobe 3.2 supports IBM’s zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP) by showing the percentage of eligible Java that ran on the zAAP, helping identify if system parameters are set correctly or if there are opportunities to shift more work to the lower cost zAAP processor. Strobe for Java identifies which Java methods are responsible for significant CPU consumption or causing delay within an application.

  • Performance Hints and Tips and Improved Usability: Compuware iStrobe 2.1 enhances the analysis capabilities of iSTROBE with added navigation links, improved data presentation and updated performance hints and tips for Java and WebSphere MQ. iStrobe 2.1 also adds support for additional releases of third-party software, web server support for WebSphere Application Server 5.1 running on z/OS and support for Apache Tomcat running on USS on z/OS.

“Customers with distributed applications and third-party products, such as PeopleSoft and SAP, are using the mainframe DB2 database as their data repository. Performance problems can occur when these SQL statements are channeled through DDF,” said Bruce Klenk, Product Manager, Compuware. “Our new Strobe for DB2 DDF support identifies dynamic and static SQL statements consuming significant CPU or with poor response time, so that users can quickly resolve performance problems. The Compuware iStrobe SQL Analysis Feature also provides further analysis of poorly performing SQL statements by providing suggestions for improving their performance.”

Compuware Strobe 3.2 and Compuware iStrobe 2.1 continue to empower IT professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to utilize and implement a more aggressive, proactive and continual performance management process. Using Compuware Strobe products helps IT professionals cut costs relating to software and hardware upgrades, accomplish more IT initiatives, support growth without adding additional headcount or investment in hardware/software resources and improve customer satisfaction.

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