Network Intelligence Enhances enVision with Real-Time Network Visibility

First security event management software delivers real-time enterprise-wide views

WESTWOOD, Mass., March 29, 2005­Network Intelligence™ Corp., a leader in transforming enterprise-wide data into compliance and security information, today announced the availability of a new release of enVision™, the software powering the company’s leading security event management (SEM) solution. This release features a compliance and security dashboard for real-time visibility into an organization’s network, enhanced asset management and correlation capabilities, and additional support for applications and devices.

enVision software is the foundation for the Network Intelligence Engine™, an appliance that monitors data created by network devices and applications, and alerts users of potential compliance and security issues. With the new enhancements, customers can best utilize their Network Intelligence Engine deployments for a global view of all enterprise data critical to company-wide challenges, such as regulatory compliance and network security.

The compliance and security dashboard offers real-time enterprise-wide views into mission-critical security and compliance data. The product can mold to the IT structure of any enterprise, and features flexibility to adapt views according to the geographical, compliance or security needs of an organization. Additional asset management and correlation capabilities are also available, leading to an increase in alert accuracy, the reduction of false positives, and the overall creation of more intelligent alerts as information is presented on a single screen and prioritized by the vulnerability and degree of a specific attack, ensuring that the most crucial alerts are presented as such.

“At a time when organizations are implementing critical security and compliance initiatives, it becomes of increasing importance that they are able to view, sort and report on all of the data across their network,” said Jack Sweeney, CEO of Network Intelligence. “We have always had an advantage in that our product collects and protects all the data that drives customers’ business. With today’s new features, we are the first SEM vendor to offer a global view of this data from one location. Common sense dictates that the best way to ensure compliance and the security of a network is to be able to view the results of gathering all the data from all locations.”

Enhancements to enVision (available for all Network Intelligence Engine™ EX, HA, and LS series appliances) include:

  • Compliance and Security Dashboard: Capitalizing on enVision’s correlation engine and hierarchical asset classification, the compliance and security dashboard allows users to view the status of multiple networks and locations concurrently in real-time. By providing a single view of an organization’s network, the compliance and security dashboard gives network administrators the ability to drill down from the larger view of the enterprise to an individual compliance issue or security threat in a matter of seconds.

  • Asset Management and Correlation: Enhanced asset management and correlation enables users to correlate network traffic and prioritize alerts, leading to increased accuracy, escalation of immediate threats and the reduction of false positives.

  • New Device Class: "Applications" has been added as a new device class. Support is available for IBM OS390, AS400, WebSphere, Microsoft IIS and Apache.

  • Additional Device Support: With this release, support for RSA Secure ID, Tipping Point Unity One, Symantec AV, Trend Micro OfficeScan, Microsoft ISA and Juniper SSL/VPN has been added. Additional information about these and other enhancements to enVision is available at

About Network Intelligence Corporation

Network Intelligence is a market leader in transforming enterprise-wide data into compliance and security information. Its core product line, the Network Intelligence Engine™, provides the only architecture proven to efficiently collect and protect all the data that drives customers’ businesses. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at or phone 781-375-9300.

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