Cordys Updates Business Collaboration Platform

Version 4.2 provides the first fully integrated suite for application integration and composite application modeling and execution

Sterling, Virginia, April 4, 2005 -- Cordys, Inc. today announced the release of version 4.2 of its Business Collaboration Platform, the most comprehensive composite application framework commercially available.

Cordys Business Collaboration Platform is superior to competitor products in the way that it maximizes the business benefits of a service-oriented approach with the IT efficiency of an enterprise service bus (ESB) environment. By building its platform entirely from the ground up, Cordys has been able to ensure that every function in the platform acts as a service on the ESB, dramatically reducing the complexity and cost of integration projects and providing a solid foundation on which to easily develop and deploy new event- and process-driven applications.

Cordys makes it easier for enterprises to adapt their IT systems to change. By connecting an enterprise’s existing applications to an ESB within a completely service oriented environment, Cordys is able to reuse existing functionality as well as combine existing and new functionality within newly created event driven composite applications.

Theodoor van Donge, chief technology officer of Cordys, said: “The real strength of our architecture is the way that we combine the concept of a service orientated architecture with the integration capabilities of ESB technology. Most of the products currently available are stacks of different technologies that have evolved into so-called ‘ESB’s. This can present serious issues in terms of both cost and complexity when an enterprise wants to integrate growing numbers of services within a distributed environment.”

Cordys Business Collaboration Platform 4.2 includes significant enhancements and additions that focus on further simplifying and reducing the cost of integrating existing applications and increasing the ease with which new business processes can be created and managed across the extended Enterprise.

Cordys Business Collaboration Platform is a completely Web services standards-based composite application framework that brings new levels of IT integration and collaboration to the enterprise. The platform comprises four key fully integrated components:

Cordys Portal™ provides a comprehensive Web-based user interface layer for monitoring, measuring, interacting and using business processes. It seamlessly combines user interface for composite applications with real-time business activity monitoring capabilities and operationally focused business intelligence.

Cordys Studio™ provides a sophisticated Business Process Management environment for the creation and modification of executable business processes and applications from boardroom concept through run time execution. Version 4.2 fully integrates Cordys Studio and provides a single interface for the modeling and testing of business processes and applications.

Cordys Integrator ™ provides an ESB environment for the integration of heterogeneous applications within a service-oriented architecture. This tool enables users to extend the business logic of preexisting applications through integration with new business logic within Web services-based composite applications. This version now enables full UDDI integration and offers support for the use of external Web services-based applications.

Cordys Orchestrator™ provides a suite of tools for managing all Web services-based business processes with complete end-to-end visibility. Version 4.2 delivers greater responsiveness, improved efficiency, and reduced business latency. Business logic can be created highly effectively and productively through the new XML Application Server, while still supporting J2EE and .Net connectivity and environments.

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