Diversified Software Updates PRO/JCL and INFO/X Enterprise

Release 260C enhances datacenter performance and offers new convenience options

MORGAN HILL, Calif., April 4, 2005 -Diversified Software, a provider of Job Control Language (JCL) software products and services, today announced added key convenience and performance features to the 260C release of PRO/JCL(R) and INFO/X(R) Enterprise.

The new options in PRO/JCL help customers save time and enhance flexibility in reformatting and in simulating JCL for different target systems. It also has added the ability to save multiple Structured JCL (SJL) report data sets for future reference. The new INFO/XE option streamlines maintenance of the INFO/XE database when deleting applications via a new batch delete function.


PROJCL automates and maintains an error-free, standardized and optimized z/OS or OS/390 production JCL lifecycle. It also has a unique directed execution capability that enables JCL to be validated while still in the test environment, even if test and production systems don't share the system catalog, DASD, or other resources.

INFO/XE automatically captures, cross-references and makes available up-to-date information about production components and relationships.

Customers can logon to http://www.diversifiedsoftware.com and click on "customer login" on the home page and view details of the new releases on the customer support Web site.

About Diversified Software

Diversified Software has helped customers effectively manage the technology, people and processes used in the operation of their batch applications since 1978. Diversified Software products are available directly and are also distributed worldwide by IBM as part of a technical and business partnership. For more information, visit http://www.diversifiedsoftware.com or call (408) 778-9914.

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