New Web-based Customer Service and Help Desk System Released

SAN DIEGO, CA - April 15, 2005 - VueCam Inc. today announced VueChat Enterprise, a solution for Internet/WWW-based customer service.

Companies realize the need for the virtual equivalent of the smiling face behind the counter at the mall. To meet this demand, they are adopting new customer service technologies, including online self-service based on live, one-on-one chat sessions with customer service agents over the Web.

VueChat Enterprise is a set of tools for government and corporations offering Web-based Help Desk/Customer Service, private instant messaging, VoIP communications, video conferencing, and customer relationship management (CRM). It provides a new level of convenience for company representatives and customers with live, easy-to-use, and low-cost communications. VueChat Enterprise allows customers and Web site visitors to connect directly with company representatives or government employees through a Web browser.

Customers and Web site visitors can reach company representatives through:

  • Live video/audio or text chat

  • Instant messages

  • E-mail

  • Telephone calls over the Internet

  • "Protected" chat session

Although VueChat Enterprise is not a CRM solution, it provides many vital CRM functions such as collecting customer information, contacts, meetings, relations and orders, search function in CRM database and many others. When a customer calls, VueChat Enterprise can be used to retrieve and store information relevant to the customer.

This makes VueChat Enterprise an ideal solution for small size businesses, enabling customer-relations management in an organized and efficient manner.

VueChat Enterprise runs on Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS.


VueChat Enterprise price is competitive with other CRM/Help Desk systems offered as low as $19 per user per month. VueChat Enterprise Server is available in 5-, 10-, or 15-user versions.

VueCam has an affiliate program for dealers and resellers to sell VueChat Enterprise to their customer base and is offering 40% to 60% discount to selected resellers.

Visit VueChat's Web site for more information:

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