Cape Clear Launches Counterfeit ESB Detection System

Los Angeles, CA, April 18, 2005 - Counterfeit Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) are becoming a major problem, as customers are becoming increasingly unhappy with the time and effort being wasted in evaluating "ESBs" that turn out to be thinly disguised legacy products.

To help customers detect a counterfeit ESB, Cape Clear is launching the ESB Truth Test, a fail-safe means of spotting products that may use the ESB moniker but fail to deliver the benefits of the ESB, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), or Web Services.

"Legacy EAI, JMS, and J2EE vendors are entering the ESB space on an almost weekly basis, with little more than a press release and a name change," commented Annrai O'Toole, CEO at Cape Clear Software. "Even companies that claim to have invented the ESB are just re-packaging their legacy software with a thin veneer of Web Services support. Since our inception in 1999, Cape Clear has been offering software that's built from the ground up around Web Services standards, and we've been first to market with a number of Web Services products, including the ESB. We've created the ESB Truth Test to help customers quickly separate true ESBs from the rest."

The ESB Truth Test is available online at

About Cape Clear Software

Cape Clear Software ( created the first, true Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Cape Clear's ESB enables organizations to integrate their internal applications and data, connect with their customers, and link with their partners using SOA and Web Services.

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