Cyber-Ark’s One-Click Transfer Automates, Simplifies File Transfer of Critical Information

Enhancement to popular inter-business vault eliminates time-consuming reporting administration with touch of a button

LAS VEGAS -- May 2, 2005 -- Cyber-Ark Software Inc., a leader in Vaulting Technology for instant, secure enterprise connections, today unveiled One-Click Transfer, a new component for the Inter-Business Vault that automates and dramatically simplifies the transfer of critical information to and from the electronic Vault. Reports, critical files, and sensitive documents can now be securely stored with the touch of a single on-screen button.

Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault delivers an Instant WAN for connecting enterprises’ partners, customers and sub-contractors, enabling them to share and exchange information as if they have deployed a traditional WAN, but without actually doing so. It also provides organizations with a highly secured “safe haven” within the enterprise where critical information can be stored, shared and accessed from anywhere in the world.

One-Click Transfer improves the product’s ease-of-use by automating manual procedures for repetitive tasks. For instance, companies can use the new feature to submit payroll information, securely transfer customer credit card information or transfer any type of document to the Vault within seconds with the click of a button.

“Every organization is looking to cut the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, to reduce errors, and cut costs. Based on customer feedback, we found one area that served as a significant pain point was the process of saving critical files to a secure location,” said Tom Crawford, president and CEO of Cyber-Ark. “Adding One-Click Transfer into the latest version of Inter-Business Vault satisfies this requirement by turning what can be an administrative bottle neck into an efficient procedure that frees up an organization’s staff to focus on mission-critical work.”

One-Click Transfer has been engineered for easy configuration and use. The product’s flexibility allows for daily, weekly or monthly transfers of information to be predefined with varying levels of automation. For example, the One-Click can be configured so that the user only sees a drop down menu to choose a particular file, it can be set up to batch transfer multiple documents, or it can allow file transfers to be completely automated, eliminating human intervention altogether.

Built in to One-Click Transfer are all the auditing, notification, and security features necessary to automatically and securely transfer and store critical files. After each transfer, an e-mail can be generated specifying the activity that was carried out. These activities are also logged and stored in a log file providing a detailed audit trail. Additionally, files are encrypted while they traverse the network and when they reside in the Vault, providing an even higher level of security.

As a utility, there is no formal installation required and no end-user training is necessary -- the end user simply runs an executable, alleviating deployment issues that can arise with IT rollouts.

One-Click Transfer is currently available as an optional module of the Inter-Business Vault Version 3.1.

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Cyber-Ark Software Inc., is a leader in vaulting solutions for securely connecting enterprises. The Company's Inter-Business Vault enables creating of secure instant wide area networks (WANs) for connecting enterprises with partners, customers, and sub-contractors over the Internet, enabling them to exchange information as if they have deployed a shared WAN without actually doing so.

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