Intelligenxia's Advanced Analytics Software Tackles Unstructured Data

Latest version of IxReveal offers significant usability, performance, and scalability enhancements

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (May 3, 2005) - - Intelligenxia, a leader in software solutions for unstructured data analysis, today announced the newest version of its Web-based advanced analytics software, IxReveal 4.0.3. New in this version are pre-populated concept banks for improved performance in concept manipulation and analysis workflow, and multi-threaded batch processing for increased throughput and scalability.

"Our new features in IxReveal are a direct result of the demand we're seeing from our customers in the Federal Government. Federal agencies must be able to manipulate and analyze the millions and millions of documents contained within unstructured data," said Norman V. Hubbs III, senior vice president and managing director of Intelligenxia's Washington, D.C. office. "The enhancements made in this release provide our customers with the performance and usability they require."

At the core of IxReveal are the concept banks; the framework that guides the user in the analysis of what information is contained within unstructured data. First, IxReveal analyzes the data and uncovers the themes, or concepts, contained in that data. Next, by employing concept banks, users can manipulate these concepts to tunnel even deeper into critical information that is hidden in the millions and millions of documents under analysis.

Version 4.0.3 of IxReveal comes with pre-populated concept banks in more than a dozen different topics - such as government-specific topics including countries or leaders and industry-specific topics like telecommunications - which makes it faster and easier for first-time users to benefit from IxReveal. IxReveal's concept banks allow the data analysis process to be as specific or as general as dictated by the needs of the user. For example, users can both determine what patterns exist in their unstructured data and determine if those same patterns reside in the pre-populated concept bank. Doing so accelerates the time to ascertaining data patterns and themes that are government-critical in the public sector, such as in homeland security, and business-critical in private sector customer-centric functions, such as sales, marketing and call centers.

Another feature in IxReveal's latest version is improved performance, particularly for enterprise-sized servers. The batch processing engine of IxReveal's software is now multi-threaded to maximize the use of available processing and storage capabilities. Maximizing server processing and storage is an especially important enhancement for Intelligenxia's federal government customers, due to the massive scope of their unstructured data requirements.

The latest version of IxReveal is available now. For more information, please call 904-421-7388.

About Intelligenxia

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Intelligenxia is a leader in software solutions for unstructured data analysis. Their comprehensive product line makes information analysis and categorization quicker, more accurate, and more readily available to empower private and public sector organizations to identify trends and emerging opportunities and capitalize on them. For more information, contact Intelligenxia at 904-421-7388 or visit

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