Center for Data Quality Introduces Data Certification in C4DQ Certify Version 2.0

New technology enables organizations to measure and track enterprise data against a standard benchmark

LEESBURG, VA -- May 10, 2005 -- The Center for Data Quality, Inc. (C4DQ), a provider of data quality management software and services, today announced the newest version of its C4DQ Certify™ software. Using C4DQ Certify Version 2.0, organizations can gauge the validity and integrity of their corporate information against a standard benchmark, called the Data Quality Certification Index™.

C4DQ Certify’s standards-based approach to data quality management gives organizations assurance that they are complying successfully with data-intensive regulatory initiatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and the federal Data Quality Act. Further, C4DQ Certify allows organizations to confidently assess the validity, structural integrity and business rule integrity of business intelligence and operational data.

C4DQ Certify provides a web-enabled framework for creating and storing rules-based, metadata-driven tests for data quality. In addition to the Data Quality Certification Index, the software features detailed and summary reports, a comprehensive Data Quality Report Card, and a trend report showing changes in the data’s condition over time. C4DQ Certify can be applied to all types of data, across a multitude of platforms. The software can be used during data migration projects, regulatory audits or on an ongoing basis as part of a pro-active data quality management program.

“Numerous organizations are benefiting from C4DQ Certify’s rigorous and objective approach to data quality management,” said James A. Lair, C4DQ’s president and chief executive officer. “Our customers no longer regard data quality improvement as an ad-hoc, time-consuming task. Now, by pro-actively certifying their data, organizations have a stronger sense of confidence in their balance sheet, their compliance reporting and their daily decision making.”

The Wyoming Department of Education is one of nine state education agencies using C4DQ Certify to validate data before it is submitted to the U.S. Department of Education, in compliance with federal programs such as No Child Left Behind. “C4DQ Certify rapidly analyzes critical data, ensuring that it meets with an established threshold before the data is aggregated and submitted to federal regulators,” said Steve King, director, Data Information and Technology Unit, Wyoming Department of Education. “The software has given us confidence in the quality of our data and allowed us to formalize and standardize our entire approach to data quality management.”

“The hidden costs of poor-quality data may cost an organization up to 20 percent of its revenue, but you can’t improve without trusted measures of data quality,” said Thomas C. Redman, Ph.D. (the “Data Doc”), data quality author, lecturer and president of Navesink Consulting Group. “Business rules are integral to the analytical process and provide a measurement benchmark to help organizations address the root causes of their data quality problems.”

C4DQ Certify Version 2.0 is available immediately.

About The Center for Data Quality

The Center for Data Quality, Inc. (C4DQ) was founded in 2000 to help private sector businesses and government agencies realize value and savings through data quality management. The company provides C4DQ Certify software, data quality analysis methodology, and professional services to help organizations establish systematic programs of data quality improvement and certification. More information about C4DQ can be found at

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