NEON Enterprise Software Addresses Shortage of Trained Database Administrators

Introduces iServe managed services program

SUGAR LAND, Texas - May 17, 2005 - NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.(NESI), a technology leader in enterprise data availability software and services, today announced the launch of iServe, a new managed services program, to meet the critical need of retaining IMS database management services and support.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 19,000 database administrators (DBAs) will be needed each year between 2002 and 2012 due to industry growth and retirements expected to impact the IT industry. The impending shortage of trained DBAs, along with increasing customer requests, prompted NESI to launch the iServe managed services program to provide IMS expertise and technical resources required to manage and maintain IMS databases.

"We have one IMS DBA and he will be retiring soon, so it became evident we would need help managing our IMS databases," said Matt Weber, database and middleware support manager at Salt River Project. "NEON Enterprise Software's team of IMS database experts helped us take inventory of our IMS database requirements and determine which services would best suit our needs. With iServe, we will have the expertise to ensure that our IMS databases are operating effectively and that we have access to expert support when we need it."

NESI tools are installed as part of the iServe managed services program and can be used by the IT staff to help analyze the customer's IMS database and perform maintenance both remotely and on site when necessary. NESI's tools and iServe can help reduce IMS costs and increase operational efficiency by automating routine database maintenance tasks, expanding the capabilities of existing staff.

"In communicating with customers and through our own evaluation, we have seen significant declines in the number of IT professionals with experience managing and maintaining IMS databases," said Don Pate, chief executive officer, NESI. "By developing intuitive, easy-to-use products and by offering our own IMS expertise through iServe, our goal is to help companies with IMS mainframe environments have best-in-class resources to meet their specific needs. Coupled with our products, iServe can help maximize staff resources while keeping operational costs to a minimum."

iServe can be used to handle some of the more complex database work, such as restructuring a database, recovering from a database problem or increasing data availability. iServe can also be used to perform routine database maintenance while an administrator is out of the office.

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