Compuware Enables CIOs to Align Technology Investment Decisions with Business Priorities

Compuware Changepoint 10 extends the industry's broadest integrated IT governance and management solution

DETROIT--May 23, 2005--Compuware Corporation today announced Compuware Changepoint 10, the latest version of the company's integrated IT governance and management solution. Changepoint 10 provides visibility across applications, infrastructure and project portfolios, enabling CIOs to more effectively manage the entire business of IT by aligning resource and investment decisions with business priorities.

"We selected Compuware Changepoint because of its breadth of functionality for managing the delivery of IT services," said Ed Pasewicz, senior director for research and development at PRC, a leading provider of outsourced customer care services. "We rely on Changepoint to manage our relationship with the line of business as well as projects and initiatives, which has resulted in more strategic decision making and enhanced team productivity, resource utilization and client satisfaction across IT."

Compuware Changepoint is the first solution to enable management of all IT investments with unparalleled visibility into the health of application and project portfolios. The enhancements and extended functionality in version 10 enable IT organizations to:

  • Align and Manage IT Portfolios: Extended project- and portfolio-planning capabilities enable IT organizations to prioritize the investments that best support critical business goals--even as strategies and requirements change. Changepoint consolidates project, application, and infrastructure portfolios to present a comprehensive view of all areas of IT management. CIOs can evaluate projects and applications to make intelligent decisions about where to invest, what to maintain and which initiatives to sunset. Through Changepoint 10, managers responsible for applications will now have insight into the scope of pending development work and will have the ability to allocate resources and infrastructure effectively. Additionally, Changepoint 10 allows PMO directors to analyze project portfolios across fiscal periods.

  • Gain Operational Visibility and Efficiency: Changepoint has the broadest and deepest business process automation capabilities of any IT Governance solution available today. Release 10 includes several advancements to provide IT executives with better insight into all IT demand including change, support, maintenance, enhancement and new project requests. Changepoint 10 allows IT to define unlimited demand types -- the relevant business information needed for IT to act on the demand -- and the appropriate workflow process. Changepoint 10 also automates the business rules associated with various types of demand, dictating how each should be handled for cross-charging and SLA performance. IT organizations will also benefit from the extended native project management capabilities for managing large projects with multiple participants in Changepoint 10. These include capabilities such as task contouring, task dependencies, and project-level staffing.

  • Take Control of the IT Service Delivery Process: Changepoint 10 introduces configurable workflow capabilities to support the automation of key IT business processes and methodologies. IT can configure project and demand management workflow through Changepoint 10's Web-based, graphical design environment. The solution also provides in-context graphical representation of the business process for participants and stakeholders. The configurable workflow helps IT to manage identified project risks, issues and changes -- enabling auditability.

"Compuware Changepoint 10 provides organizations with the necessary control and visibility required to effectively manage a business-critical, capital intensive function like IT," said Lori Ellsworth, Director of Changepoint Product Management, Compuware Corporation. "Changepoint 10 provides our customers with the best solution for presenting a complete picture of the performance and value contribution of the IT organization. This opens the door for more effective governance, improved decision making and a proactive approach to delivering IT value."

Compuware Corporation

Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) maximizes the value IT brings to the business by helping CIOs more effectively manage the business of IT. Compuware solutions accelerate the development, improve the quality and enhance the performance of critical business systems while enabling CIOs to align and govern the entire IT portfolio, increasing efficiency, cost control and employee productivity throughout the IT organization. Learn more about Compuware at

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