LogicLibrary Introduces Smart Controls for SOA Governance

Next generation of metadata management helps organizations govern all software development assets within service-oriented architectures

Pittsburgh -- May 23, 2005 -- LogicLibrary®, a leading provider of software development asset (SDA) management tools, today announced the release of Logidex 3.6 featuring Smart Controls™, unique functionality that makes it possible for organizations to govern the production process for reusable components, Web services and other SDAs within a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The most widely used metadata repository for SDAs, Logidex 3.6 also includes integration with LogicLibrary's code-scanning technology Logiscan, expanded IDE support, additional integration with the IBM Rational Software Development Platform, and support for Firefox.

Representing a major step forward in SOA governance for development, LogicLibrary's Smart Controls transform information from viewable to actionable. Logidex 3.6 users can now define and manage software development lifecycle (SDLC) validations, processes and roles related to all software development assets. These actions are customizable and can be automated either entirely within Logidex or mixed with a customer's external tools, workflows and other mechanisms. LogicLibrary's Smart Controls help customers maintain control of enterprise development assets, improve time to market and maximize technology investments.

Additionally, Logidex's Federated Repository feature enables IT organizations to automatically share selected assets across interconnected libraries, allowing customers to centrally manage asset deployments while giving individual groups and lines of business the freedom to locally define their own SDA management processes and policies. This support for the distribution of reusable SDAs both enterprise-wide and across multiple lines of business is a key ingredient of the SOA governance process.

"The more a customer can manage, the greater their value and payback will be -- and no other solution provides greater out-of-the-box management of software development assets than Logidex," said Greg Coticchia, CEO of LogicLibrary. "Registry-centric products simply do not provide what enterprise-architecture and development teams need to govern SOA definition and development. Logidex's graphical model-based searching, deep IDE integration and the new Smart Controls directly address these teams' needs -- and all within the customer's preferred toolsets."

Logidex 3.6 also includes:

  • JBuilder Plug-in: Tight integration with JBuilder now means Logidex integrates with an unrivaled 90 percent of the industry's leading IDEs. Other environments include Eclipse, IBM WebSphere Studio, IBM Rational Application Developer, Software Modeler and Software Architect, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. LogicLibrary's tight integration with the world's top IDEs enables rapid collaboration among tools within the environment of the developer's choice, resulting in dramatic productivity improvements.

  • Logiscan Integration: Allows users to quickly determine the security posture of an asset before it is deployed, reducing application development risk and exposure. With Logidex 3.6, the Logiscan security report can be automatically generated and attached as an artifact to an asset.

  • Additional integration with the IBM Rational Software Development Platform via RAS: Using Logidex as a RAS Repository, IBM Rational developers can take advantage of Logidex management capabilities from within Rational Software Modeler (RSM) and Rational Software Architect (RSA). This will help customers improve their productivity while reducing training time.

  • Firefox Support: LogicLibrary has enhanced its browser platform support to include Firefox 1.0. Logidex users now have the flexibility of using either Internet Explorer or Firefox for their SDA management.

"Proper SOA governance requires organizations to be able to manage the process for planning, creating and deploying composite applications built from services as well as the traditionally developed components that underlie those services," said Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst at ZapThink, LLC. "With the ability to control the production and deployment of software development assets, LogicLibrary's Smart Controls enable customers to deliver services and composite applications that increase business agility."

About Logidex

Logidex is a collaborative SDA management solution that simplifies the creation, integration, governance, and security of enterprise applications throughout the complete application lifecycle. Its powerful mapping and discovery engine gives businesses and government organizations the ability to identify, manage, and control the design, development, and consumption of services throughout the distributed enterprise.

About LogicLibrary

LogicLibrary is the leading provider of software and services that make it possible for enterprises to manage and reuse software development assets (SDAs). The company's patent-pending technology provides a comprehensive and collaborative approach for creating, migrating and integrating enterprise applications for use in service-oriented architecture, Web services and other software development initiatives. For more information, visit http://www.logiclibrary.com.

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