Serena Launches New Software to Visualize and Prototype Business Applications

Enables business users and IT to collaborate for faster, more accurate development

San Mateo, CA - May 23, 2005 - Serena Software, Inc. today announced Serena(r) ProcessView(tm) Composer, an innovative new product that allows business processes and application requirements to be visualized, prototyped, and graphically communicated before development of an application begins. ProcessView saves development time and money by improving communications and collaboration between business and IT stakeholders across the application lifecycle.

Built from the ground up for today's business analysts, application consultants, process designers, and other business users, ProcessView incorporates a familiar Microsoft Office look and feel, making it easy for non-developers to learn and apply on new projects. The product, built on technology acquired by Serena, provides an intuitive, graphically rich approach to modeling and prototyping applications. Instead of struggling in text documents to describe what they need, business users can visually demonstrate their requirements so development teams can see what they need to build before an IT project formally begins. As a result, ProcessView improves the accuracy and quality of requirements gathering, dramatically reduces project risk, improves developer effectiveness and increases end user satisfaction for delivered applications.

"IDC research continues to point to flawed requirements as the number one reason that new applications fail to satisfy users," said Melissa Webster, research director at IDC. "Business process visualization and prototyping software provides a real benefit to customers by helping bridge the gap between business and IT at the front end of lifecycle development, where it is absolutely critical that requirements are accurately defined and scoped. If this phase of development is done poorly, a project's overall success and bottom-line impact is severely jeopardized. There will be an increasing demand for products that help solve this challenge."

Now an integrated part of the Serena product family, ProcessView provides a "business on-ramp" to the application lifecycle, which delivers maximum value when combined with the markets top rated application lifecycle management (ALM) offerings. Serena ALM solutions enable business visibility and control from project inception to implementation, providing customers with an unequaled ability to manage change in their IT environment and meet increasing demands for regulatory compliance.

"ProcessView adds a powerful business dimension to Serena's change management solutions by helping business and IT work better together at the earliest stages of the application lifecycle," said Mark Woodward, President and CEO of Serena. "ProcessView is a highly innovative solution for enabling IT to respond more quickly to business-driven change, and reflects our commitment to helping organizations align application investments with business objectives."

Availability ProcessView Composer will be available worldwide in June.

About Serena

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