BrightWork Delivers Project Management for Microsoft SharePoint Services

Company offers first standards-based SharePoint solution to provide structure for managing business, IT and software projects

May 25, 2005 - BrightWork, a leading provider of project management solutions for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, today announced BrightWork 2.0, one of the only Windows SharePoint Services-based project management solutions that offers a set of pre-built tools based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). Windows SharePoint Services has become a leading standard for managing business, IT, and software projects since it began shipping with the Windows Server 2003 Operating System.

"BrightWork's Web-based collaborative project management solution extends the value of SharePoint products and technologies, which are currently used by businesses around the world," said John Richards, director of Windows SharePoint Services at Microsoft. "The BrightWork solution adds significant support for organizations wishing to manage work more effectively on the SharePoint products and technologies platform."

"BrightWork brings tremendous benefits to SharePoint products and technologies users by providing powerful visibility into project status and work details," said Eamonn McGuinness, BrightWork chief executive officer. "BrightWork takes Windows SharePoint Services to the next level, allowing project teams to work less and deliver more to achieve business strategies."

BrightWork 2.0 allows disparate organizations and teams to collaborate using a Web-based virtual workspace to plan, design, implement, and monitor business and IT projects and tasks. Using BrightWork templates, teams can quickly set up collaborative Web workspaces, customize workspaces to reflect the specific project requirements, change them to reflect evolving needs, and save modified templates for reuse in other projects. The single "go to" BrightWork workspace supports all aspects of project management and provides managers with unmatched visibility into details across work and projects.

Pre-Built Solutions

BrightWork offers four pre-built solutions as part of the initial deployment: Issue Manager; Business Project Manager; IT Project Manager; and Agile Software Development. BrightWork has extended SharePoint products and technologies with tools so customers and partners can build their own work and project management solutions. Since BrightWork is standards based, users are likely to be already familiar with the basics of deployment, customization and usage, resulting in faster adoption and participation and lower deployment support and training costs.

  • Issue Manager: An out-of-the-box SharePoint products and technologies toolset designed to manage issues across and between organizations. Managers can view the way in which an issue was managed, from creation to resolution, comments that were made and changes that were made to selected fields. Reports are available as an audit trail in indelible records.

  • Business Project Manger: An out-of-the-box SharePoint products and technologies solution designed to empower organizations to manage business projects effectively. The solution provides usable and repeatable mechanisms for managing business projects and is available as a customizable SharePoint products and technologies template that can be saved as a template for retention of best practices and lessons learned.

  • IT Project Manager: An out-of-the-box SharePoint products and technologies solution designed to enable organizations and teams to efficiently manage IT projects. This pre-built solution includes templates for the most common IT process and deliverables for the various project phases.

  • Agile Software Manager: BrightWork is one of the first SharePoint products and technologies solution based on an agile project management model, MSF for Agile Software Development. The pre-built solution provides a flexible and iterative approach to building software.

About BrightWork

BrightWork is a Microsoft partner providing solutions that make it easy for organizations to structure and manage task-based work and projects using Windows SharePoint Services. Organizations use BrightWork to manage day-today work efforts (including issue management, product planning, and task requests), and to control projects (including IT development, IT deployments, business projects, and compliance projects). For more information on BrightWork, visit the company's Web site at


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