Wennstrom Software AdmWin 7 Manages Windows, Novell, and Linux Directory Servers with Single Tool

(Umea, Sweden -- May 25, 2005) -- Wennstrom Software today announced the availability of AdmWin 7 network management software with multi-platform directory server support and password migration.

With the new Linux (OpenLDAP) support and password hash functionality, AdmWin version 7 can manage and transfer user accounts and passwords on and between Windows, Exchange, IIS, Terminal server, NetWare, GroupWise, Linux, and Samba.


  • Server platform migration: Transfer user accounts including passwords from one platform to another. Password hashes can be transferred between the following combinations; Linux to Linux, Samba to Samba, Linux to Novell, Samba to Windows, Windows to samba and Windows to windows. Other account details can be transferred any direction.

  • Multi-platform management: Create, modify or delete accounts and change passwords on many platforms at the same time. Compare account data between different platforms.

  • Flexibility: All parameters are user-configurable; product uses script-based management; and it's possible to choose exactly which properties to affect. You can call scripts from other tools or run scripts on a scheduled basis.

  • Full error handling: Unlike most other script-based tools, AdmWin verifies that all commands are executed correctly. Successful commands are marked in the script and you can retry, ignore or abort when a command fails. Users can interrupt a script, save it, and then continue another day at the exact point where it was left.

  • Compact: A full installation is only 3.6 megabytes, including a 2 megabyte help file.

About AdmWin

AdmWin is a toolkit for the Windows, Linux and Novell network administrator. The AdmWin executable runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003. To learn more, download a free AdmWin 7 30-day trial or to purchase the software, please visit http://www.admwin.com.

Availability and Pricing

New copies of AdmWin 7 are available now. A one-user personal license is $95 US, a domain license is $299 US. Additional domain licenses are $99 US. A site license is $599 US.

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