Composite Application Views Unlocks Data from SAP And Siebel

Pre-built views improve insight into customers, products, orders, and more

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- June 6, 2005 -- Composite Software, an enterprise information integration (EII) leader, today released its newest product, Composite Application Views™. For the first time, users can query live SAP and Siebel data from any reporting tool, including Microsoft Excel. Composite Application Views simplifies access to complex, packaged applications, accelerating dashboard, single-view, ad hoc reporting, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and master data projects. Composite is the only EII company to provide pre-built views of SAP and Siebel.

Composite Application Views consists of hundreds of pre-built views of key business information such as customers, products, orders, and employees. Working with the award-winning Composite Information Server™, the business data appears in the form of traditional relational tables, which can be queried, filtered, and combined with other sources from across the organization. Many views also support read/write operation. Composite Application Views leverages the security rules and business logic of each source application, preserving data and process integrity.

Packaged applications from SAP and Siebel help manage key processes for thousands of corporations around the globe. Customer, product, inventory, invoice, order, and employee information that resides in these applications is essential to helping a company report, analyze, and improve its operations. However, retrieving live data via complex, proprietary interfaces, and combining that data with other systems, can be costly and time-consuming. Unlike low-level adapters, Composite Application Views enables developers and analysts to navigate and browse applications using common business terms and a standard, well-known approach (SQL). As a result, knowledge of specific underlying interfaces (e.g., SAP BAPIs) is no longer required.

"Before Composite, Siebel integration was lengthy, complicated, and expensive. Now, it's absolutely a breeze," says Brent Zempel, CTO of Minneapolis-based Life Time Fitness. "With our IT landscape made up of homegrown and packaged applications, Composite streamlines our ability to build and propagate a comprehensive, consistent view of our members. In doing so, we improve the quality of information available to our employees, and, by extension, uphold our commitment to delivering the highest possible quality member experience."

Examples of typical projects that benefit from Composite Application Views include call center agents who need complete customer information that is located across different businesses or functions; yet, this information may reside in multiple systems. Using Composite, agents can see live customer information from across multiple applications in a single view. Additional examples of integrating CRM and ERP data include displaying inventory availability inside a sales portal or building a revenue forecast that combines sales and shipment information.

"Composite is providing pre-built informational views that go beyond basic connectivity and integration," says Mark Smith, CEO and senior VP of Research at Ventana Research. "These views will help companies leverage their existing packaged applications for new BI and SOA efforts by leveraging pre-built application meta-data for EII."

Composite Application Views is available immediately from Composite Software. Views for SAP and for Siebel are sold separately. PeopleSoft support is scheduled for Q4 2005. Composite Application Views requires Composite Information Server (CIS) 3.1 or higher. Pricing is based on required processing power and size of deployment. For more information, visit

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