SMC Gigabit Switching Portfolio Expands 10G Portfolio with New 24- and 48-Port Managed Switches

New TigerStack 1000 switches handle heavy traffic efficiently with L3 management

IRVINE, CA -- June 8, 2005 -- SMC Networks today announced its newest Gigabit backbone switches, the TigerStack(TM) 1000 48-Port Stackable Managed L3 Switch (SMC8748ML3) and 24-Port Stackable Managed L3 Switch (SMC8724ML3), both with optional 10G uplink. These new feature-rich, high-density, high performance SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 switches are available now, at MSRPs that make the transition to gigabit affordable: $4399.99 and $2699.99.

The new SMC8748ML3 switch has 48 fixed 10/100/1000 ports, the SMC8724ML3 has 24. In each of the switches, four of the ports can be upgraded with optional mini GBIC expansion slots for fiber connections. An optional one-port 10Gigabit XENPAK Module can be added to either of the switches for 10G uplink. Compact and efficient -- just 1RU high despite their high port count and advanced L2/3/4 features that enable high-performance networking -- these newest TigerStack switches are ideal solutions for any enterprise workgroup or backbone switching application.

At their best in challenging, high-traffic environments, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 race ahead of the pack with switching capacity as high as 156Gbps for the 48-port switch, 108Gbps for the 24-port version. The new TigerStack 1000 Stackable Managed L3 Switches not only deliver high performance, they're loaded with advanced features that demanding environments need. Security is paramount in today's networks, and these new switches deliver, with ACLs and 802.1x for secure network access, and SSH, SSL/HTTPS for secure management enabled by RADIUS and TACACS+. Flexible Layer 2/3/4 traffic prioritization and rate-limiting enable Quality of Service across the network, and network segmentation is provided by port and protocol-based VLANs.

For more powerful management applications, these new TigerStack 10/100/1000 L3 switches also offer RIPv1/v2, OSPF, DVMRP and PIM-DM for Layer 3 switching. The switches also bring a comprehensive Layer 2 management feature set, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s), Protocol based VLANs(802.1v) and stack-wide link aggregation (LACP) including stackwide 10G aggregations. Built for robust workgroup and backbone switching today, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 can be mixed or matched for stacking up to eight units high, and have the flexibility to allow for upgrades to even more features that will be released in the future.

"These switches pack the power of Layer3, with 10G capability, so can excel in the most demanding networks, now, and into the future," said SMC Product Manager, Iain Kenney. "10/100/1000 copper connectivity built-in, with options for fiber and ten Gigabit uplink make it extraordinarily flexible and adaptable and the full range of advanced features makes them perfect for the most demanding Enterprise and workgroup environments"

The TigerStack SMC8748ML3 and SMC 8724ML3 10/100/1000 Stackable Managed Switches and optional uplinks and redundant power supplies available now. For more information about SMC Networks or its products, visit, or call 800-SMC-4You (800-762-4968).

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