DRV Technologies Releases Audit Trail for SpoolFlex

ATLANTA - June 15, 2005 - DRV Technologies, Inc., the developer of SpoolFlex software, announces the release of the Audit Trail for SpoolFlex.

SpoolFlex software makes distributing and retrieving critical data much easier by allowing businesses to transform bulky iSeries reports into electronic formats conducive to automated distribution, including AdobeR PDF, MicrosoftR Excel, HTML, and other formats. It automatically stores electronic files that have been e-mailed on a network drive in a multitude of formats, with PDF and Excel being the most popular.

The new SpoolFlex Audit Trail specifically helps organizations using the IBM iSeries for their core applications streamline and automate Report Distribution. Through automation, SpoolFlex eliminates the manual processing associated with manual printing and distribution of mission critical data. The SpoolFlex Audit Trail allows them to track and detail when and where reports have been distributed, to whom, by whom, by delivery method and more. The Audit Trail also gives users the ability to quickly locate, view and re-send reports in the original format.

SpoolFlex and the Audit Trail give organizations the ability to provide auditors what they want - accountability. With regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 taking center stage in American business today, IT departments have been struggling to bring all facets of their business practices into compliance. As deadlines loom closer, pressure increases throughout organizations' IT and accounting departments to prepare for audits to prove compliance across the board.

SpoolFlex Audit Trail Features:

  • Ability to search for documents by report distribution name, date range, specified recipient, sender, and document name, natively on the iSeries

  • Three different green screen view options allow users to display the audit trail record to quickly locate the desired report, re-send the document, or view the saved file if it has been electronically filed

  • Allows the user to view the actual report with a single keystroke; the appropriate PC application is automatically launched directly from the green screen, right on the user's PC

  • Allows the user to re-send reports to the original recipient, redirect them to another recipient, or to a group

  • Supported distribution methods include native iSeries e-mail, fax, print and electronic filing

SpoolFlex Audit Trail Benefits:

SpoolFlex customer CBCA is an independently owned, full-service benefit plan administrator with a proven track record of measurable results. They use the SpoolFlex software to distribute thousands of reports by e-mail every month. They use the Audit Trail to track reports and e-mails to ensure they went out correctly, and now have the ability to search and resend as needed. Paul Byrd at CBCA applauds two distinct functions of the Audit Trail: "In addition to providing an e-mail audit trail, this provides us with an archiving tool for the reports electronically filed to our Web server."

About DRV Technologies, Inc.

DRV Technologies, an IBM Business Partner, provides Spool Management solutions for the iSeries enterprise. For more information, please visit http://www.drvtech.com, call 770-674-1491 or e-mail info@drvtech.com.

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