Tandberg Data Unveils World's First 1U LTO Autoloader

New StorageLoader model uses half-height LTO-2 drives to deliver highest density ever

POWAY, Calif.-- June 15, 2005 -- Tandberg Data Corp. (formerly InoStor), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tandberg Data ASA (OSE:TAD), today unveiled the world's highest density tape autoloader in the smallest rack mount-configured form factor. The LTO tape autoloader utilizes LTO-2 capacity and performance as well as advanced data management features in a compact low profile design.

The revolutionary 1U rack mount-configured LTO StorageLoader(TM) tape automation solution delivers up to 3.2TB compressed storage capacity and a transfer rate of up to 173 GB/hr. by incorporating Tandberg's recently introduced half-height LTO-2 tape drive.

The Tandberg StorageLoader LTO-2 stands apart from existing rack mount autoloaders, as it is the only 1U LTO-2 autoloader available with removable magazines for efficient cartridge load and unload. It includes up to eight data cartridges stored in two removable magazines holding four cartridges each to ensure safe and easy loading of tape media and transport for off-site storage.

Its highly modular design utilizes the reliable Ultra 160 SCSI/LVD interface. The modular design means the tape drive, power supply, and fans are field replaceable without removing the autoloader from the rack thereby reducing total cost of ownership and minimizing downtime.

"SMBs and corporate IT departments are constantly seeking data archiving and backup solutions that offer the highest possible capacity and performance in the least amount of space," noted Robert Abraham, president of Freeman Reports. "Tandberg's new rack mount tape automation design incorporates half-height LTO-2 drives to deliver the highest removable storage density in a 1U autoloader while providing a remote management capability and modular field replaceable components."

Tandberg's new StorageLoader is equipped with multiple language supported Web-based remote management as a standard feature. Maintenance, system monitoring, and system commands can be performed remotely through a standard Web browser. The same functionality can also be performed locally through the easy-to-use LCD panel on the autoloader. For faster inventory scanning, an optional barcode reader is also available.

"Our Tandberg 1U LTO StorageLoader continues our commitment to innovative products for our channel partners and end users," said Ken Cruden, COO, Tandberg Data Corp. "This StorageLoader simplifies and automates data backup and archiving to secure data. For small to medium businesses, our new StorageLoader will cost less than a LTO-3 full-height drive and store four times the capacity, while providing integrated automated backup and manageability features." The LTO-2 StorageLoader is the second member of Tandberg Data's StorageLoader family of modular automation products. It offers a unique cartridge load design, high capacity, superior performance, advanced data management features, and FRUs (field replaceable units) for convenient service. The StorageLoader family is also offered with DLT VS160 tape technology and will ultimately incorporate future half-height drive technologies for higher storage capacities.

The Tandberg StorageLoader 1U LTO-2 is a complete turnkey solution including rack mount kit, SCSI cable, terminator and Ethernet cable, plus a full 3-year warranty. MSRP is $4,499 and is available immediately throughout Tandberg Data's North and Latin American distribution network.

About Tandberg Data ASA

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of professional tape and disk storage solutions. The company offers tape libraries, tape autoloaders, tape drives, storage software, data media and RAID systems. For further information, please visit http://www.tandberg.com/.

About Tandberg Data Corp.

Tandberg Data Corp., formerly InoStor Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tandberg Data ASA, is the marketing and product development organization for the Western Hemisphere. It markets the highly reliable line of Tandberg Data tape automation, drives and media, using LTO(TM) and SLR(TM) technologies. The company also markets NAS solutions with the versatility of both disk and tape. The company's focus on software development has resulted in RAIDn(TM), an evolutionary step in RAID technology. For more information, visit http://www.inostor.com.

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