New LGX Report Liberator Edition Delivers Powerful, Web-based Alternative for Managed Reporting

LogiXML's New LGX Report Liberator Edition -- available for download at no charge -- offers a true Web-based alternative to client/server based reporting tools

June 21, 2005 McLean, VA, LogiXML today announces general availability of LogiXML LGX Report Liberator Edition, its free, zero footprint, Business Intelligence reporting product for delivering Web browser-based reports. The LGX Report Liberator Edition is a powerful Web based reporting product that was designed and optimized for the Web, in sharp contrast to products still rooted in client/server technologies. The LGX Report technology rests on fully managed .Net code that is easier to deploy, maintain and integrate than client server legacy reporting products like Crystal Reports.

LGX Report Liberator Edition is available free of charge, as it has been since its initial release, and LogiXML is committed long term to offering free reporting in addition to its premium reporting products. In fact, LogiXML now has extended the features of its free reporting offering, adding support for multi-processor servers and native PDF export at no charge. The product is available at

An Open Alternative

LGX Report Liberator Edition it is based on an open, portable XML standard that does not lock users into saving reports in proprietary binary files, such as Crystal Report's .rpt format. LGX Report Liberator Edition is the base component of LogiXML's complete Business Intelligence Report Development Platform, and can be easily upgraded to Enterprise Reporting, Dashboarding, and Interactive Data Analysis via LogiXML's premium offerings LGX Report Plus and LGX Info. Users can easily upgrade LGX Report Liberator Edition to LGX Report Plus or LGX Info with one click and add functionality to the reports developed in LGX Report. Plus LGX Report Liberator Edition, users can now design form-based reports using a standard PDF editor.

In order to help foster a spirit of openness about the products, LogiXML has established the LGX Discussion Forum that has created a knowledge base for using the product featuring implementation tips and suggestions from the fast-growing user community. LogiXML has as created a documentation center with search capability and the LGX Report Liberator Edition features a new set of documentation and sample codes.

"When we looked for alternatives to upgrade our reporting infrastructure to a Web-based model, LogiXML offered the best product and the most competitive value of any product we evaluated," said David Ohlmer, Director of Systems Integration, Orange County, New York. "Our systems analysts have found the repotting tools easy to use and intuitive."

In addition to LGX Report, LogiXML offers a complete set of report development products for Web browser-based reporting that can be used as a powerful managed report development platform for business intelligence delivery to end users, including LGX Info and LGX Report Plus. The company also offers the powerful LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder product for end-user driven report development.

Built on XML technology, the LGX Business Intelligence Report Development Platform lets developers create full-featured Web-based reports using a drag-and-drop user interface. The platform allows developers to connect with web services and all major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, etc., and can be deployed across any .NET architecture.

About LogiXML, Inc.

LogiXML builds powerful Business Intelligence reporting and analytics products that are easy to learn, use, deploy, and maintain, helping help organizations make better, timelier decisions by transforming disparate data into critical business information.

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