Lasso Logic Ships Industry’s Only End-to-End CDP Solution for SMB and Remote Office Protection

Company takes aim at replacing organizations’ cumbersome tape backup systems

San Francisco, Calif. -- July 18, 2005 -- Lasso Logic today unveiled Lasso CDP, the only true continuous data protection (CDP) appliance that provides end-to-end data protection for the SMB market. The disk-based solution includes user-level instant data recovery, central administration, and Lasso Logic’s breakthrough hands-free local and off-site data protection technology, which eliminates the need for data to be manually transported to remote locations.

“Time and time again we hear from IT consultants who say 30% of their time is wasted on servicing tape backup systems, and from frustrated business owners who are tired of rotating their tapes, taking them off-site, and finding one day that their tape backup hasn’t been working for months,” said Steve Goodman, Lasso Logic’s Chief Executive Officer.

Providing real-time data replication capabilities, Lasso CDP provides all-day, all-night backup protection for users working in the office, at home, or on the road. The solution’s advanced technology replicates only the block-level differences in each file at the PC, laptop, and server level, guaranteeing maximum compression and capacity and no impact on the local network. Further distinguishing Lasso CDP is its open file and open database backup capabilities so users can access files while they’re being backed up, ensuring every minute of an employee’s productivity is captured and not delayed by backup. Importantly, data can be recovered instantly by the user from any previous point in time without the assistance of technical support personnel.

“CDP is ideal for small and medium businesses seeking a very high level of information backup and security. Lasso Logic is at the forefront of this technology with the industry’s most affordable and easy-to-use solution,” said Dianne McAdams of Data Mobility Group.

Product Highlights

  • Continuous Data Backup: Lasso CDP includes intelligent software that detects new or changed files or databases. When new information is discovered, Lasso CDP immediately and automatically replicates it locally and then off-site. No user intervention is required.

  • Local and Off-site Backup: Lasso CDP utilizes a two-step backup architecture to protect against data disasters large and small. First, data is replicated and maintained on site to enable for fast and easy data recovery. Data is then replicated off-site to a secure data center to protect business data from fire, theft, computer viruses, and other disasters.

  • Support of Business Applications: Lasso CDP supports Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, ACT!, Goldmine, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Outlook, and Outlook Express as well as most other industry specific applications. It also supports databases such as Microsoft Access, dBase, and MySQL.

  • Kernel / I/O-Level Backup: By using a tiny resident agent on each backup client, Lasso CDP monitors physical disk activity. This allows Lasso CDP to back up data while the file is opened and even locked, and break through the open-file roadblock stopping many backup vendors.

  • Instant Recovery: Lasso CDP’s easy-to-use interface allows users to recover files instantly from the local Lasso CDP appliance. Also, the product includes extensive file version cataloguing tools to ensure data can be recovered from any point in time.

  • Server, PC and Mobile Laptop Backup: Continuous data protection, even when users are on their laptops working remotely. Remote access features is included for travelers and telecommuters, providing instant and secure access to data through any Internet-enabled device.

  • Remote Administration: A Web-based management interface allows network administrators and IT consultants to configure Lasso CDP remotely.

  • File Sharing and Remote Access: File sharing and remote access tools help businesses maximize workforce productivity. These features allow employees to access their data from any Internet-enabled device, and instantly share files with customers, partners and peers.


Lasso CDP is immediately available through Lasso Logic authorized resellers.

About Lasso Logic

Lasso Logic offers continuous data protection solutions that reduce downtime after failure from hours or days to minutes. The Company develops reliable, zero-touch, hassle-free backup solutions that provide enterprise-level data protection at affordable prices. Lasso Logic’s flagship product, Lasso CDP, protects against data loss resulting from events such as user error, hardware failure, virus corruption and theft. Lasso CDP includes local and off-site backup, file sharing, unlimited versions, instant recovery features and remote administration.

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