Kashya Introduces First End-To-End Data Recovery/Continuous Data Protection Solution for the Enterprise

Universal CDP/DR solution displaces more than 10 traditional solutions, removing complexity and saving businesses costs

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 19, 2005 -- Kashya, a leading supplier of data replication appliances for disaster recovery, today unveiled its KBX5000 CDP, the first end-to-end solution that provides continuous data protection (CDP) and disaster recovery (DR) for the enterprise.

Combining proven disaster recovery and CDP functionality with remote and local protection, the KBX5000 is the only CDP solution to use intelligent fabric and policy-based protection to enable comprehensive protection of business-critical data against any type of failure, including a complete site disaster.

“As the first appliance that delivers end-to-end continuous data protection, Kashya’s KBX5000 CDP is the only one in the industry that provides an enterprise approach to CDP -- protecting against all failure modes, across any storage and any servers to any point in time,” said Mehran Hadipour, Kashya’s vice president of business development and OEM sales. “The KBX5000 CDP allows administrators to deploy a continuous data protection solution that delivers total protection locally and off-site with a proven solution that guarantees application recovery and enables return to business operations in seconds.”

According to Mark Ferelli, research analyst at Illuminata, “The KBX5000 unites two worlds. The appliance offers CDP in one active module, and remote/local replication in another. To my knowledge, this is the only single, fully-integrated solution available. Kashya is already an established player in the replication space, but the new CDP solution takes them deeper into the increasingly sophisticated world of data protection.”

Kashya’s success in long-distance replication and remote CDP has allowed the company to easily add local CDP into its proven KBX5000 solution. Functionality that sets Kashya’s KBX5000 CDP apart from existing CDP solutions includes:

  • Displacing 10+ Solutions: Delivering protection of business data in heterogeneous server and storage infrastructures from any type of failure or disaster, KBX5000 CDP provides an easy-to-use interface to address and manage a complete spectrum of data protection requirements, reducing upfront capital expenses and lowering administrative costs. For example, users with EMC DMX and CX storage can easily use the KBX5000 to replace a number of software, hardware and infrastructure components including SRDF, SRDF/A, FullTime AutoStart, TimeFinder, GeoSpan, MirrorView, MirrorView/A, SnapView, multiple CNT edge connect devices, TCP bandwidth link compressors, Legato RepliStor, and more.

  • Recovery to Any Point in Time: The KBX5000 CDP stores changed data and time together, enabling immediate recovery to any point in time without data loss. KBX5000 CDP can easily recover applications in local and remote sites quickly to a selected time or event, with guaranteed consistency, even when data spans multiple heterogeneous storage and servers.

  • Instant Access to CDP Data for Read and Write Processing: KBX5000 CDP allows application data to be accessed at any point in time by selecting time or intelligent bookmarks. Data volumes at the selected point in time are instantly available on demand, with full read and write capability, off-line backup and allowing live application testing, on-demand recovery, data migration, and many other valuable data processing purposes. The same simultaneous data processing capability is available in a remote site, enabling consolidation of backup while the data is protected from site failures.

  • Rapid and Easy Application Recovery with Guaranteed Consistency: KBX5000 CDP intelligently generates transactional consistent bookmarks selected for the individual applications on a data protection timeline, allowing the applications to be recovered quickly to transaction and event-driven boundaries, eliminating data loss.

  • Reduced Storage Requirements: Using intelligent data reduction technologies that substantially reduce storage needs, the KBX5000 CDP can deliver a 25:1 compression which maximizes data retention and recovery for any available storage.

  • Integration with Existing Backup and Archiving Systems: KBX5000 CDP offers integration with standard backup and archiving tools and provides continuous protection from disk to tape, eliminating any protection gap.

  • Automated Data Protection Policies: KBX5000 CDP allows administrators to deploy single or multiple policies for local and remote data protection. The system centrally manages, and strictly adheres to, the end-to-end user-defined policies tied to business objectives and service-level agreements.

  • Lower Storage Costs: With the KBX5000 CDP, organizations can utilize inexpensive storage products (such as SATA) to protect critical application environments running on expensive storage, dramatically lowering the cost of data protection.

“Kashya’s KBX5000 CDP delivers a true CDP and DR solution for the enterprise that provides superior data protection with reduced complexity, reduced costs and highly simplified, policy-based management,” said Hadipour. “With the KBX5000 CDP, businesses can now solve a complete range of application-specific data protection challenges with a proven CDP/DR solution in a cost-effective manner.”

About Kashya

Kashya has led the industry by reducing the cost and the complexity of data protection. Using unique technologies and an innovative approach, Kashya solutions solve the data-protection challenges for organizations with multi-vendor server, SAN, and storage infrastructures, in a cost-effective manner. For more information, visit us at http://www.kashya.com.

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