Netuitive Unveils First Solution to Automate Business Service Management

Netuitive service analyzer slashes operational costs, manages service health

Reston, VA. - July 25, 2005 - Netuitive, Inc., a leader in real-time analysis software for business service management (BSM), today unveiled Netuitive Service Analyzer, the company’s real-time analysis software that automates the deployment of BSM and manages IT service health. Today’s announcement builds on Netuitive’s promise of providing the only software for BSM that leverages existing monitoring tools, is self-learning, self-configuring and uses real-time analysis and correlation to deliver Trusted Alarms™ -- the industry’s most reliable indicators of impending service problems.

According to Yankee Group senior analyst George Hamilton, there is growing interest in BSM among the end-user community; however, many companies don’t have the time and resources required to commit to a large-scale BSM initiative. “Most companies have too many short-term ‘irons in the fire’ to put forth the time and effort required to configure and maintain a BSM solution. The level of commitment, coupled with the inherent risks of undertaking such a major initiative, is hindering many organizations from moving forward with BSM,” said Hamilton.

As a leading provider of real-time analysis software, Netuitive’s technology represents a catalyst for driving BSM initiatives by automatically correlating end-user experience data with any infrastructure performance data. Netuitive Service Analyzer, powered by Netuitive’s patented Real-Time Analysis Engine, self-learns and monitors service behavior patterns that define its normal daily, weekly, and seasonal behavior. When Netuitive Service Analyzer identifies conditions that affect the quality of service, a Trusted Alarm is issued and automatically prioritized according to business impact, enabling companies to take immediate corrective and preventive action.

Netuitive Service Analyzer Benefits

With Service Analyzer, IT organizations will largely benefit from being able to automate BSM deployments and manage the overall health of their services. Supporting benefits include the ability to:

  • Automatically correlate user-experience with infrastructure performance data to predict and diagnose degradations in service health

  • Normalize and correlate performance data from any monitoring source – regardless of format or vendor

  • Leverage existing monitoring tools to automatically correlate and analyze real-time data to identify and resolve service issues without requiring custom rules, scripts, or manual thresholds

  • Pinpoint the root-cause of these issues at both the infrastructure and the service level.

“With the release of Service Analyzer solution, Netuitive is creating a new ‘automated’ paradigm for deploying and administering BSM,” said Nicola Sanna, Netuitive’s CEO and president. “With our unmatched ability to correlate response time monitoring with system monitoring and enable root-cause identification based on user experience, our technology is helping organizations to guarantee quality of service while significantly lowering IT operational costs.”

According to Ron Rose, CIO of, Netuitive's technology lets proactively manage the performance of its e-travel services by detecting problems before they become impacting events, which is critical for companies that process large volumes of transactions each day. Netuitive Service Analyzer's unique combination of proactive alerting and real-time business metric analysis will help the company avoid both technical and business issues that could potentially save significant amounts of money each year. “BSM products like Netuitive Service Analyzer can save companies millions of dollars annually in operational costs, plus give them an unprecedented view of their IT service health,” said Rose.

Pricing and Availability

Netuitive Service Analyzer starts at $75,000 and will be available on September 1, 2005. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact Netuitive at

About Netuitive, Inc

Netuitive is a leading provider of real-time analysis software for business service management (BSM). Netuitive’s products automate the deployment and administration of BSM, enabling organizations to guarantee service levels and significantly lower IT operational costs. Netuitive software automatically analyzes and correlates all of an organization’s performance monitoring data in real-time, requires no manual configuration or specialized programming and delivers Trusted Alarms™ — the industry’s most reliable indicators of impending service problems. For more information, please visit

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