AdventNet Enhances SecureCentral PatchQuest

Improvements include Service Pack deployment support, graphical reporting

Pleasanton, Calif. -- August 3, 2005 -- AdventNet announced a significant update to SecureCentral PatchQuest, an affordable patch management software which helps small and medium enterprises to automate the painstaking manual patching processes and ensure that computer systems are compliant to an organization's security policies.

SecureCentral PatchQuest is automated patch management software for distributing and managing security patches, hot fixes, and updates across heterogeneous networks comprising Windows, Red Hat, and Debian Linux systems, in just a few simple clicks. It efficiently scans enterprise networks and identifies missing patches and software updates, and distributes patches to vulnerable systems and keeps the systems up-to-date and free from vulnerabilities. It supports both agentless as well as agent-based modes of patch management.

Enhancements in PatchQuest 4.1 version include:

  • Service Pack Deployment Support: Users can now download and deploy missing service packs for Windows operating systems and applications

  • Graphical Reporting: A rich set of graphs and charts to help administrators and IT Managers be informed on the health of the network

  • Support for RedHat ES & AS 4 and Debian Linux 3.1

  • CVE ID Integration: all patches in PatchQuest’s vulnerability database will be associated with their respective CVE IDs

  • Exporting and E-mailing Reports: Provision to export reports to .pdf, .xls, and .html formats and to e-mail them

  • Automatic Agent Version Update: Agents that are not up-to-date can be identified and updated to the most recent version

  • Active Directory Integration: Systems can be added by domain names or by picking up hosts from Microsoft Active Directory

  • Ability to deploy patch groups to system groups; support for deploying entire patch groups over select system groups

Other features include: support for adding systems by importing from text files, system environment diagnosis, maintaining and displaying agent state (running or offline), support for shutting down systems after patch deployment, configurable Telnet/SSH ports while adding Linux systems, and e-mail address configuration for every user.

Licensing and Availability

The Free Edition can manage up to 10 computer systems at no cost; the Professional Edition can manage unlimited systems. The annual subscription pricing for the Professional Edition starts at US $300 for 100 systems, $600 for 200 systems, $900 for 300 systems, $1200 for 400 systems, $1500 for 500 systems, $3000 for 1000 systems and so on, with a one-time server fee of $395.

PatchQuest can be downloaded from:

Further information on pricing, licensing, and technical support is available at (888) 720-9500 or online at

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