Define, Test, and Automate Complex Report Mining Without Coding

Melbourne, Australia - August 23, 2005 - DataMystic announces TextPipe Pro 7.5, its enhanced industrial strength text conversion, transformation and report mining workbench.

TextPipe 7.5 offers a greatly improved user interface, with 160 new code page conversions to and from Unicode, including Japanese Shift-JIS and Chinese BIG5. Unicode text can be normalized, composed and decomposed, and Mainframe AS/400 reports can now be converted to comma-delimited format with the Mainframe Copybook Wizard.

TextPipe is used extensively by mail houses, publishers, banks, federal and state government agencies, universities, law courts, systems integrators, database consultants, and IT consultants -- in 62 countries -- by anyone that routinely deals with text.

TextPipe handles structured and unstructured reports, mainframe files, delimited and fixed-width data, HTML and XML, spooled print files, and text files of any size and dimension.

It's fast too - with Woolworths (South Africa) reporting 400MB per minute throughput.

TextPipe provides a single point of maintenance for all text-processing tasks. Its visual development environment makes it easy to define and test tasks without coding. TextPipe can restrict the scope of a change to line and column ranges, CSV fields, lines matching a pattern, HTML/XML tags and attributes, and combinations of these.

TextPipe can be automated, embedded, or scripted from your favorite programming language.


Single user pricing starts at USD 299/EUR 279. A 30-day fully functional evaluation is available as a free download from the company's Web site. Also available: A consultant's Run Time Edition (with editing disabled), and an application programmer's TextPipe Engine. For more information, contact DataMystic (formerly Crystal Software) at +61-3-9802-8880, or fax at +61-3-8610-1234 or visit their Web site online at

System Requirements

TextPipe requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 and 16MB of memory. The download file is 4MB. Installation requires 8MB.

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